Under the banner of Marxism - 1928, 1929

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No. 1

5 Abram Deborin: Revisionism under the mask of orthodoxy
45 V. Egorsin: Dialectics of Lenin and of the narodniks (In light of contemporary debates around dialectics)
72 Yuri Steklov: Was N.G. Chernyshevsky an utopian?
94 Ja. Berztys: Essays on the theory of the soviet economy
131 V. Poznjakov: On the law of value, foundations and methodology
153 Mikhail Yurevich Lachtin: New difficulties in psychopathology (On the history of developments of the soul)
173 Nikolay Gredeskul: Is science mechanical or does it become dialectical?
207 Radical questions of dialectical materialsm (Report on the debate in the Meyerhold theatre December 19th 1927. Speeches of com. Karev, Dmitriev, Levit, Podvolockij)
227 F. Kapeljus: Kurt Zimmerman. Das Krisenproblem in der neueren nationalökonomischen Theorie
233 Z. Atlas: Die Kredietwirtschaft
240 V. Poznjakov: On the law of the falling rate of profit
243 S. Gurvich: 'I.A. Lapidus and K.V. Ostrovityanov . Political economy in connection to the theory of soviet economy' et al.
250 R.A.: N.N. Vanag and S. Tomsinsky. Economic development of Russia

No. 2

5 G. Seidel: On the 80th jubilee of The Communist Manifesto of K. Marx and F. Engels (1848-1928)
39 Yuri Steklov: Was N.G. Chernyshevsky an utopian?
57 Rosa Luxemburg: Shattered hopes, text
65 Anton Pannekoek: Philosophical basis of revisionism
81 Anton Pannekoek: First rebuff of revisionism
91 M. Spektator (Miron Isaakovich Nachimson) (see page 15 and page 139): Marx's theory of crises
118 Z. Atlas: The role of credit and foreign credit in the expansion of capitalism
147 C. Fridjland: Two sagas back (On prof. D.M. Petrushevskij's book 'Essays on the economic history of medieval Europe')
162 L. Zivelcinskaja: Congress on aesthetics and fine arts (Halle, June 7-9 1927)
168 Nik. Karev: Alexej K. Toporkov (1882-1934). Elements of dialectical logic
172 K.: Varjas. Dialectics of Lenin
175 Isaak Markovich Alter: A. Thalheimer. Theoretical crisis of social-democracy
181 F. Teleznikov: Sociology yearbook
184 Yuri Steklov: N.G. Chernyshevsky. Literary legacy.
189 F. Kapeljus: Mikhail Andreyevich Reisner. Eastern Ideologies
197 A. Reuel: Alfred Amonn. Objekt und Grundbegriff der theoretischen Nationalökonomie
208 Z. Atlas: A. Gersenshtein. Theory of the capitalist market
214 Iv. Leleshko: Sergei Andreevich Piontkovsky. Essays on the history of 19-20th century Russia
221 V. Egorsin: James H. Jeans and A. Eddington. Contemporary developments in cosmic physics

No. 3

5 Yuri Steklov: Chernyshevsky's ethical system
30 Sonia Yanovskaya: Category of quantity in Hegel and the essence of mathematics
72 E. Lure: Young Hegelians and Feuerbach
99 Isaak Rubin: On the question of social and abstract labour (Response to S. Shabs' critique)
127 Z. Atlas: The role of credit and foreign credit in the expansion of capitalism
167 Rudolf Gaus (alias Robert Hauschild, see footnote 41 ): Social-democracy and the war question
202 I. Agol: Neovitalism and marxism
238 Review of current foreign literature
249 A. Reuel: I.I. Rubin. Contemporary economists in the West
255 V. Poznjakov: D. Rozenberg. Programme about political economy
260 S. Ju.: L. Ivin: Anglo-French rivalry in the years 1919-1927
263 V. Miller: Letter to the editors
264 Sergei Ivanovich Raevich and F. Wolfson: To the editors of 'Pod Znamenem Marksizma'
265 I. Razumovskij: Forced reply
265 Prime conditions of the Institute of Red Professors in the 1928-29 school year for the preparatory department

No. 4

3 Nik. Karev: On results and perspectives of the arguments with the mechanists (Apropos third anthology 'Dialectics in nature')
30 I. Alter: Kautsky's theory of the proletarian revolution
72 V. Poznjakov: On primitive accumulation (On the question of the methodological formulation of the problem of primitive socialist accumulation)
93 G.M. Dashevskij: Nominalism and the problem of the value of money
115 L. Zivelcinskaja: Sociological substantiation of aesthetics
129 Z. Cucmarev: Nature and limits in the methods of conditioned reflexes
164 V. Fridman: Response to 'A few remarks' apropos V.G. Fridman's book 'Is motion possible' in connection with Zeno's aporia 'Achilles and the Tortoise'
169 G. Dmitriev: Once again on Zeno's paradox 'Achilles and the Tortoise' and V. Fridman's confusion
179 Stefan Krivtsov: Memories of A.A. Bogdanov
187 Ivan Luppol: Memories of A.Ja. Troitsky
195 Valentin Asmus: Memories of A.Ja. Troitsky
199 A. Thalheimer: Otto Rühle. Karl Marx. Leben und Werk
204 Z. Atlas: A. Weber. Depositenbanken und Spekulationsbanken
211 I. Alter: Rosa Luxemburg. Selected works
213 Kuniskij. Eduard Bernstein. Childhood and youth 1850-1872
216 B. Manelis: M. Ostrogorsky. Democracy and political parties
219 I. Braslavskij: Karl Marx in personal life
223 Prime conditions of the Institute of Red Professors in the 1928-29 school year for the preparatory department
232 Prime aspirants of the economics institute

No. 5

5 G.V. Plekhanov: This thunder is not from a storm cloud, text
26 I. Razumovskij: G.V. Plekhanov and historical materialism
46 M. Dynnik: Category of chance in Plekhanov's conception
72 L. Spokojnyj: Problem of freedom and necessity in Plekhanov
82 Ju. Frankfurt: Plekhanov and class psychology
103 Grigory Abramovich Deborin: Plekhanov as an economist
123 L. Zivelcinskaja: Plekhanov's aesthetics
129 A. Voden: Plekhanov as a literature historian
136 V. Kirpotin: Tactics of Plekhanov in the 1905 revolution
163 Vladimir Bonch-Bruyevich: First encounters with G.V. Plekhanov
179 Grigory Bammel: Once again on the latest speech of the mechanists (Apropos the book 'Dialectics in nature')
199 S. Gimmelfarb: On the question of the place of monetary material in Marx's scheme of reproduction

No. 6

5 F. Engels: True socialism
32 N. Zvenigorodcev: Hegel and contemporary Neo-Hegelianism
48 Ju. Frankfurt: Teachings of V.N. Bechterev and marxism
80 V. Bogdanov: On the question of laws of historical development of capitalism (Critique of the theory of major cycles of prof. Kondratiev)
99 S. Legezo: Quantitative theory of money (Essay methodological critics)
133 A. Molok: Andre Leo (On the history of revolutionary-socialist publicists of the Paris Commune 1871)
157 Yakov Mikhailovich Zacher: Jean Varlet in the epoch of Thermidorian reaction
171 I. Dukor: book of A. Ivanova 'Art. Essay social-reflexiological analysis')
183 Vladimir Grib : Dialectics and logic as scientific methodology (Apropos the article of comrade Perlin)
196 F. Kapeljus: 'Jahrbuch für Nationalökonomie und Statistik' 'Archiv für Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik'
208 I. Alter: W. Sombart. Das Wirtschaftsleben im Zeitalter des Hochkapitalismus
212 A.I.: 'Rosa Luxemburg. Redner der Revolution'
214 A. Voden: Forerunners of scientific socialism in passages of their works
215 L. Zivelcinskaja: Levin Schücking. The Sociology of Literary Taste
218 V. Borovskij: Ju. P. Frolov. Study about conditioned reflexes, as basis for pedagogy
225 Z. Cejtlin: E. Borel. Basics ideas of algebra and analysis
230 On the sozyve all-union conference of historians-marxists

No. 7-8

5 Boris Hessen: Mechanical materialism and contemporary physics
48 M. Okun: Mechanists' commentaries to the dialectical critics
64 Ja. Berztys: Essays on the theory of the soviet economy
112 S.S. Shabs: Once again on the problem of social labour in the economic system of Marx (Response to I. Rubin's anti-critique)
150 Schlema B. Lif: On the debate on the character of skilled labour
172 I. Alter: Rosa Luxemburg on the proletarian revolution
192 V. Kirpotin: Publicistic activities of Antonovich at the arrest of Chernyshevsky (From the history of Russian public thought)
207 V. Borovskij: On behaviourism and materialism
217 F. Borodulin: Crisis of contemporary medicine
242 Ja. Rozanov: Bibliography of Rousseau
254 G.: A. Stolyarov. Dialectical and mechanical materialism
256 Z. Atlas: I.G. Bljumin. Subjective school in political economy
267 S. Vygodskij: Charles Kenneth Hobson. The export of capital
273 A. Voden: V.P. Volgin. History of socialist thought; V.P. Volgin. Essays on the history of socialism
275 B. Manelis: Anatol Rappoport. Die marxistische Rechtsauffassung
279 V. Slepkov: The theory of nomogenesis (New phase in the development of Russian anti-darwinism)
285 G. Dmitriev: Letter to editors
286 Henri Barbusse: To my friends in the USSR

No. 9-10

5 C. Fridljand: Militant historian marxist (1868 - 60th anniversary of M.N. Pokrovsky[Pokrowski]- 1928)
16 Nik. Karev: L. Axelrod on the difficulties of materialism with positivism
36 Valentin Asmus: L.I. Axelrod and philosophy
64 M. Furshik: Kautsky and dialectical materialism
101 I. Markov: Marxist theory of credit in the 'treatment' of Hilferding
132 Inal Savvich Butaev: Mathematics in the dialectical analysis in Marx's Capital (Remarks)
151 Ja. Zacher: Social views of the Enragés
164 A. Zonin: On the question of social motives in L.N. Tolstoy's oeuvre
187 David Kvitko : Tolstoyianism as worldoutlook
198 R. Sheranovskij: Reflexiology or psychology
215 A. Serebrovskij: The problem of the gene
229 S. Molozhavyj: Dialectics and pedology
240 V. Borovskij: Sidney Hook. The Philosophy of Dialectical Materialism
247 E. Lure: Der Kampf. Sozialdemokratische Monatsschrift
259 Z. Atlas: N.D. Silin. Credit policy of emissionary banks and stable currency
265 A. Reuel: S.I. Solntsev. Introduction to political economy
269 L. Nadezhdin: A. Ammon. Grundzüge der Volkswohlstandlehre

No. 11

5 P.E. Shegolev: Foreword
7 N.G. Chernyshevsky: Sublime and comic, text
36 V. Kirpotin: Chernyshevsky and dialectics
53 A. Nifontov: On the question of N.G. Chernyshevsky's historic views
75 V. Golosov: Was Chernyshevsky a socialist-utopian?
103 A. Michaklov: On the question of the aesthetic theory of Chernyshevsky
113 L. Zivelcinskaja: Aesthetic outlook of Chernyshevsky
123 Stefan Krivtsov: I.I. Skvortsov-Stepanov (1870-1928)
130 Valentin Asmus: General and transcendental logic of Kant
176 L. Dunaevskij: Marx's teaching about loan capital
197 Ja. Rozanov: The philosophic-sociological world-outlook of N.G. Chernyshevsky (Bibliography)
205 A. Shishikalov: Boris A. Fingert and M.L. Schirvindt. Short text-book of historical materialism
207 Grigory Deborin: I.I. Rubin. Essays on Marx's theory of value
212 A. Reuel: K. Kautsky. Works
215 L. Nadeshdin: M. Spektator. Introduction to the study of world economy
220 M. Bajsh: V.A. Artemov, N.A. Bernstein, L.S. Vygotskij, N.F. Dobrynin, A.R. Luria. Practice in experimental psychology

No. 12

5 Grigory Bammel: Memories of Joseph Dietzgen (For the 100th year of his birthday)
26 M. Furshik: About one 'defence' of dialectical materialism
54 P. Pankevich: Historic-sociological outlook of N.A. Dobrolyubov
78 Z. Atlas: Monopolistic capitalism and political economy (On the question of the historical roots of contemporary economics)
137 Inal Butaev: On the methodology of the study of world economy
160 Ja. Zacher: Jacques Roux until the fall of the Girondists
179 Orlov, I.: On objective study of synthetic activity of brain
196 A. Rubin: F. Engels. Anti-Duhring
201 V. Poznjakov: Mark Kosven. Origin of exchange and measure of value
204 Grigory Deborin: Franz Petry. Social substance of Marx's theory of value (Jena, 1916)
210 A. Michajlov: Fedor Ivanovich Schmit. Subject and boundary of sociological art history
214 M. Bajsh: Boris V. Beljaev-Bashkirov. Statistical method in psychology and pedagogy (title)
216 To the board of the society of militant materialist-dialecticians, text
218 Statutes of the society of militant materialist-dialecticians, (text see above)
223 Aleksandr Maksimov: Foreword, text
225 Programme of the seminar occupied chair of history and philosophy of science for the fizmate I MGU, (text see above)


No. 1

1 St. Kirovos: The problem of spontaneity and consciousness in Leninism
18 Vladimir Bonch-Bruyevich: Genevan recollections
47 F. Schiller: Franz Mehring (On the 10th year of the day of his death)
64 L. Zivelcinskaja: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (January 22 1729 – February 15 1781) (On the 200th year of Lessing's birthday)
81 V. Poznjakov: Marxist scheme of reproduction and gold production (Anti-critique)
112 E. Bregel: On one unfortunate excursion (On the understanding on money and loan capital in Marx)
133 S. Gorlovskij: Running struggles in German social-democracy during the first years after the lifting of the exclusionary law (1890-1895 years)
161 M.A.: Foreword to the articles of Jeans and Millikan
163 James Jeans: Physics of the universe
179 Robert Millikan: Useful energy
187 M. Bajsh: F. Engels. The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844
189 Inal Butaev: Parker Thomas Moon. Imperialism and World Politics
193 A. Nifontov: 'Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevsky. 1828-1928 Unpublished texts, material and articles'
203 On the Communist academy. Organization of the institute of philosophy. Philosophical encyclopedia

No. 2-3

1 Nik. Karev: L. Axelrod on the difficulties of materialism with positivism
16 K. Wittfogel: Geopolitics, geographical materialism and marxism
43 N. Sagolov: On the understanding of marxist theory of crises
67 Vl. Dunaevskij: Law of labour value under capitalism in the 'Essays' of I. Rubin
92 V. Pogonkin: On the bounds of moral fairness in capitalist economy and socialist economy
103 C. Fridljand: On the struggle for marxist historical science in the USSR
113 Ja. Zacher: End of Jacques Roux
136 S. Gorolovskij: Running struggles in German social-democracy during the first years after the lifting of the exclusionary law (1890-1895 years)
154 V. Grib: On principles of the constuction of marxist aesthetics (On comrade Zivelcinskaja's article)
183 V. Borovskij: Role of instincts in the behaviour of man
199 Aleksandr Maksimov: foreword to Walden's article
203 Paul Walden: The meaning of veleroskogo urea synthesis. 100 years of chemical synthesis
226 C. Cejtlin: Interior structure of a star
238 Z. Atlas: I.A. Trachtenberg. Contemporary credit and its organisation
242 V. Balkov: Dr. Milly Hirsch. Grenznutzentheorie und Geldwerttheorie
252 A. Ostrecov: Transaction section of theory and methodology
255 M. Leonovich: La Revue Marxiste, No. 11, 1929

No. 4

1 Grigory Bammel: Lenin and the problem of logics in marxism
39 Valentin Asmus: Formal logic and dialectics (Apropos A. Vasjas' book 'Logics and dialectics')
63 M. Furshik: Kautsky and dialectical materialism
81 I. Rubin: Dialectical development of categories in the economic system of Marx
109 Grigory Deborin: Subject of political economy in current debates
133 E. Rivlin: Problem of revolution in German social-democracy in the first years after the lifting of the exclusionary law
164 P. Serebrovskij: Darwinism and 'darwinism'
185 A. Reuel: K. Marx. The poverty of philosophy
189 I. Schtern: Werner Sombart. Contemporary capitalism
194 S. Tomsinskij: 'Pugachev's Rebellion, second volume'
196 I. Lapidus: Fritz Christmann. Biologische Kausalität

No. 5

1 EDITORIAL: New stage (On the results of the II All-union conference of marxist-leninst scientific-research agencies
6 Resolution of the II All-union conference of marxist-leninst scientific-research agencies. 1. On contemporary problems of the philosophy of marxism-leninism
8 Resolution of the II All-union conference of marxist-leninst scientific-research agencies. 2. On tasks of marxists-scientists and activities of the section of natural and exact science of the communist academy
12 K. Shmjukle: Remarks apropos the 'Hegel revival' in Germany
23 P. Kusherov: Practice as the unity of subject and object
41 Nik. Karev: On the question of the object of political economy
51 I. Rubin: Dialectical development of categories in the economic system of Marx
83 E. Lande: Mechanist method and the ground of the theory of value (On the characteristics of the new variety of Bogdanovism)
105 Ja. Zacher: Ideology of the Enragés
129 First all-union society of militant materialists-dialecticians (OVMD)
165 Resolution about the turning tasks of the OVMD
167 Resolution on the report of the Ukrainian OVMD
167 Statute of working group and study circle, adjacent to the society of militant materialists-dialecticians
170 A. Reuel: 'Chronicles of marxism'
180 V. Popova: K. Marx and F. Engels. Works
185 N. Bobrovnikov: S.A. Oranskij. Basic question of marxist sociology
191 Ja. Zacher: Albert Mathiez. Thermidorian reaction
195 V. Sergeev: C. Fridljand. History of Western Europe

No. 6

1 K. Wittfogel: Geopolitics, geographical materialism and marxism
30 Z. Atlas: On the theory of bank credit (Capital accumulation and credit emissija)
59 G. Loginov: Problem of market value in Marx
86 A. Ostrecov: On the question of the dialectical art process
127 I. Kurmanov: Reflexology and psychology
146 N.I. Vavilov: Geographical locatization of the genes of wheat on the globe
150 V. Rudas: Problem of matter in the latest scientific and philosophical literature
164 E. Kaganovich: N.G. Petrov and I.G. Stepanov. Subject indicator to the first volume of Marx's 'Capital'
189 A. Reuel: S.A. Gurvich and V.N. Poznjakov. Wages
192 O.A.: L. Ja. Zivelcinskaja. Attempt to a marxist analysis of the history of aesthetics
197 M. Bajsh: G.E. Schumkov. Basic evolutions of person-reflexiology

No. 7-8

1 K. Wittfogel: Geopolitics, geographical materialism and marxism
29 A. Reuel: 'Social direction' of political economy in our current debates
56 Z. Atlas: On the theory of bank credit (Capital accumulation and credit emissija)
102 V. Volgin: System of Fourier
127 Ja. Zacher: Théophile Leclerc
147 Aleksandr Maksimov: Methodology of measurement and dialectical materialism
180 Wilhelm Reich: Dialectical materialism and psychoanalysis
207 I. Sapir: Freudism, sociology, psychology (Apropos W. Reich's article 'Dialectical materialism and psychoanalysis')
237 A. Nifontov: N.G. Chernyshevsky. Literary heritage
249 V. Poznjakov: Tad. Avdalbegian. Gold in the scheme of simple reproduction
251 S. Lif: M.M. Krivickij. Theory of wages in German social-democracy
254 A.I. Kazarin: S. Vygodskij. Essays on Marx's theory of credit
256 S. Vasilev. Letter to editors

No. 9

1 Boris Hessen and Ivan Petrovich Podvolockij: Philosophical roots of rightist opportunism
30 A. Ajzenberg: On the formulation of the problem of classes in Kautsky
61 B. Borlin: On NEP, industrialisation and new forms of astrakhans
83 A. Leontev: On the question of organised capitalism
103 I. Vajnstejn: On the question of the methodology of political economy in Marx and the classics
140 Karl Schmidt: Fascism as new form of bourgeois counterrevolution
173 A. Miroshchina: On the question of method in contemporary science
191 Franz Ritter: Dialectical materialism and new atomic physics
208 V. Poznjakov: Henryk Grossman. Das Akkumulations- under Zusammenbruchstendenz des kapitalistischen Systems
213 N. Stefanov: Against mechanist tendency in political economy
219 A.I. Kazarin: P.V. Maksakovskij. Capitalist cycle
222 S. Tomsinskij: A.A. Novoselskij. Landowners and their economy in 17th century
225 A. Maksimov: To the editors of 'Pod Znamenem Marksizma'
225 N. Petrov and I. Stepanov: Letter to the editors
227 E. Kaganovich: Reply to comrades Petrov and Stepanov
229 L. Zivelcinskaja: Letter to editors

No 10-11

1 EDITORIAL: On the latest speech of the mechanists
15 Grigory Bammel: On the formulation of the problem of historical materialism in the reconstruction period
44 E. Schmjukle: German historicism. Ranke and the legitimacy principle
57 V. Poznjakov: Market value and its place in the economic system of Marx
76 Grigory Deborin: On controversial questions of commodity fetishism
107 B. Kuznechov: Mechanist conception of political economy
124 S. Batishchev: 'Dialectics' of Rubin
143 V. Nikolskij: Major directions in modern research on primitive economy
197 Z. Cejtlin: Christiaan Huygens (On the 300th year of his birthday)
225 I. Lapidus: On the struggle against formalistic tendencies in political economy
230 A. Reuel: Marx's letters to Kugelman
237 Z. Atlas: U. Randolf Berdzes. Bank organisation of American capitalism
240 A. Nifontov: V. Kirpotin. Radical raznochinets D.I. Pisarev
246 T.S.: I.I. Litvinov: Economic consequences of the Stolypin agrarian reforms
250 Material for discussion about theoretical economics: Letters to editors
259 Resolution on the question of the current discussion in theoretical economics (Start of the public gathering of economists of the Institute of Red Professors 16.XI.1929)
259 Terms of use of consultation in the correspondent-advisory department of the IRP for party-activists and teachers in the year 1929/30 (Approval CC AUCP(b) on 26/IX -1929)

No. 12

1 Nik. Karev: Historical materialism as science
27 S. Gonikman: Theory of society and theory of classes of Bogdanov
63 Inal Butaev: On the method of Lenin and Bukharin in the analysis of imperialism
71 B. Borilin: Our disagreements with the mechanists in political economy
120 V. Poznjakov: Market value and its place in the economic system of Marx
160 A-r. Perimov: I. Davidov. Abstract labour and Marx's teaching of value
170 V. Balkov: B. Kofman. Productive labour and the method of Marx
177 Z. Atlas: 'Credit and banks'
181 A.I. Kazarin: Gustav Cassel. Basic ideas of theoretical economics
184 A. Nifontov: 'Lenin and Chernyshevsky' 'On Chernyshevsky's jubilee'
188 A. Leontev and E. Chmelniskaja: Letter to editors