Table of Contents

Submitted by ludd on December 29, 2010

Truant Heads

from our readers

Making Stoopid
article by mickey d.

A Year in Espanola
tale of teaching toil by salvador ferret

Jobs Are:
graphic by pw collective

Fast Learner
fiction by r.l. tripp

Fat Lot of Good it Did Me!
tale of toil by dolores job

The High Cost of Sleep
fiction by greg evans

Sleep With Mouth Open
poem by marina lazzara

* The Thin Sheet-Metal Line - a look at
carjacking, by kwazee wabbit
* I Love What You Do For Me - living with a
car, by kash
* Critical Mass - ride daily, celebrate
monthly!, by chris carlsson

Distance No Object
fiction by gloria frynn

by tom wayman, blair ewing, harry brody, gerald england, meryn cadell, spenser thompson

Confessions of an Atheist Priest
tale of toil, psychotherapist, by kwazee wabbitt

Public Education: Remaking A Public
article by chris carlsson

Competent For What?
"competence" training in australian schools, by arena magazine

* midnight notes collective's midnight oil - by chris carlsson
* john hoffman's the art & science of dumpster diving - by petra leuze
* peter linebaugh's the london hanged - by chris carlsson
* angela bocage's real girl sex comic collection - by petra leuze

I Beg To Disagree
poem by antler

* Bank of America Infiltrated! - office
sabotage, by ace tylene
* Wake Up and Smell the Tiers! - manifesto by
the nasty secretary liberation front
* Struggle Against Study - scamming your way
through college, by sal acker

Take No Chances
fiction by primitivo morales
back cover by Sarah Moni, Richard Wool and Iguana Mente