Industrial Pioneer (July 1921)

July 1921, Vol. 1, No. 6, Serial No. 6 issue of the Industrial Pioneer, an early publication of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on April 20, 2014


-The class war on the railroads and in West Virginia by Jan Rus
-Wesley Everest by Ralph Chaplin
-The lesson of the British betrayal by Jack Tanner
-A preacher's solution by Hal Brommels
-The British miners come back by Francis Davis
-The rebel lads who won't come back again by Richard Brazier
-A worker looks at reparations by Hugo Schurtz
-The revolutionary movement in India from The Workers' Challenge
-Notice to readers
-Industrial depression
-Can labor unions function as revolutionary organizations? by H. Van Dorn
-The thirteenth convention of the IWW
-Runaway slaves by Mary E. Marcy
-The international relations of the IWW
-To a factory whistle by S.P.
-Conference of the unemployed in Great Britain by H. Van Dorn
-The Hoosierfied can by Ralph Winstead
-Everett, November fifth by Charles Ashleigh
-For unity in the metal industry by Glenn B. Fortney
-"High spots" of the thirteenth IWW convention compiled by Roy Brown
-Book review by S.P.
-Is personal gain a true incentive by Jane A. Lee
-The roar (From "Factory echoes" by R.M. Fox)
-Address to the convention of the All-Russian Union of Transport Workers, Moscow by Tom Barker
-The story of the sea by Tom Barker
-Defense news by the General Defense Committee
-Wastes in the coal industry by the IWW Bureau of Industrial Research
-Debs the dreamer by Ellis B. Harris
-One College professor who knew
-Hunting a job in the clouds by W.J. McSweeney