Politics (April 1944)

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Cover (p. 65)
Comment. The MCF - A new Third Party? (pp. 65-68)
Mills, C. Wright. The powerless people: the role of the intellectual in society (pp. 68-72)
Tucci, Nicholas. The Cause that refreshes - Four delicious freedoms (pp. 73-74)
Pincus, Arthur. The new imperialism in Latin America: Twenty and One (pp. 74-80)
Marquart, Frank. A letter on the Michigan Third Party conference (pp. 80-81)
Meyer, Peter. The Soviet Union: a new class society (part two) (pp. 81-85)
Kees, Weldon. A brief introduction to the history of cultures (p. 85)
Macdonald, Dwight. Free and Equal. On the conduct of the Lynn Case (pages 85-88)
Hays, Arthur Garfield. Free and Equal. On the conduct of the Lynn Case. Rejoinder by mr. Hays (p. 88)
Fischer, Ruth. Popular Culture. Bert Brecht, minstrel of the GPU (pp. 88-89)
Serge, Victor. Books. War diary (p. 90)
Chase, Richard V.. Books. As the measure (pp. 90-91)
Macdonald, Dwight. Books. A history of economic thought (p. 91)
Lichtenstein, Stanley. Books. As we go marching (pp. 91-92)
Periodicals. "The evolutionist revolt against classical economics: (i) In France - Condorcet, Saint-Simon, Simonde de Sismondi, (2) In England - James Steuart, Richard Jones, Karl Marx" (p. 92)
Periodicals. "Man of His century: A reconsideration of the historical significance of Karl Marx" (p. 93)
Periodicals. "Is China's economy to be modeled on Japan's?" (p. 93)
Periodicals. "Britain's postwar trade and world economy"; "Planning industry's future in Britain (p. 93)
Periodicals. "From Moscow to Naples"; "'Liberated' Italy" (p. 93)
Periodicals. "Why war workers strike - the case history of a shipyard 'wildcat'" (pp. 93-94)
The intelligence office (pp. 94-96)
Contributors (p. 96)