Politics (May 1944)


Cover (p. 97)
Comment. Three Worlds (pages 97-102)
List, Kurt. The music of Soviet Russia (pp. 103-108)
Kristol, Irving. Koestler: a note on confusion (pp. 108-109)
Macdonald, Dwight. "The only really moral people" (pp. 109-110)
Gould, Joe. What to do with Europe (p. 111)
Bell, Daniel. The world of Moloch (pp. 111-113)
Padmore, George. The new imperialism, III: The Anglo-American condominium (pp. 113-116)
List, Kurt. Shostakovitch's Eight Symphony (p. 116)
Kees, Weldon. Rates. Cartoon cavalcade (pp. 116-117)
Bazelon, David T.. Rates. Comics and their Creators (pages 117-118)
Macdonald, Dwight. Rates. "The conquest of Europe on the screen: the Nazi newsreel, 1939-1940" (p. 118)
Modern Texts. The Melian Conference (from Thucydides' "History of the Peloponnesian War" Chapter XVII) (pp. 119-121)
Kerr, Wilfred H.. Free and Equal. Negro leaders and the Harlem riot (pp. 121-122)
Wilkins, Roy. Free and Equal. Reply (pp. 122-123)
Wood, Laura. Books. The Complete Jefferson, containing His major writings, published and unpublished, except His letters (pp. 123-124)
Oakes, J. Walter. Books. Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (pp. 124-125)
Hesseltine, William B.. Books. The American story of industrial and labor relations (p. 125)
Macdonald, Dwight. Books. Ominpotent government: the rise of the total state and total war (pp. 125-126)
Mitchell, Broadus. The intelligence office. On "The coming tragedy of American labor" (p. 126)
Fischer, Ben. The intelligence office. On "The coming tragedy of American labor" (pp. 126-127)
Herman, Thelma. The intelligence office. Intellectuals and bureaucracy (p. 127)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair.) The intelligence office. Classical Vs. marxist economics (p. 128)
Notes on contributors (p. 128)

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