Politics (June 1944)

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Cover (p. 129)
Comment. The shape of things to come (pp. 129-133)
Fey, Isabella. Odin (p. 133)
Chiaromontes, Nicholas. Croce and italian Liberalism (pp. 134-137)
McNatt, G. Isaac. "I was a Seabee" (pp. 137-140)
(Bombardier.) The story of the 477th Bombardment Group (pages 141-142)
Meyer, Peter. Mr. Joseph Stalin's revolution in economic science (pp. 143-144)
Macdonald, Dwight. Our golden age (pp. 144-146)
Serge, Victor. revolution at The dead-end (1926-1928) (pp. 147-151)
Periodicals. "The 1942 congressional elections" (pages 151-152)
Periodicals. "Facts for a candid world" (p. 152)
Periodicals. "'Rationality' in conduct: Wallas and Pareto" (p. 152)
Periodicals. "Sex roles in postwar planning" (pp. 152-153)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair.) Books. The tragedy of european labor 1918-1939 (pp. 153-154)
Freidel, Frank. Books. The revolutionary generation; Origins of the American Revolution (pp. 154-155)
Macdonald, Nancy. Books. War and children (p. 155)
Macdonald, Dwight. Books. Excess profits taxation (pp. 155-156)
Mattick, Paul. Books. Karl Marx and Marxian science (p. 156)
Kristol, Irving. Books. Dangling Man (p. 156)
The intelligence office (pp. 158-160)
Contributors (p. 160)