Politics (August 1944)

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Cover (p. 193)
Comment. Some reflections on what is laughingly called "National Politics" (pp. 194-198)
News-Story-of-the-Year (p. 196)
Bettelheim, Bruno. Behavior in extreme situations (pp. 199-209)
Duncan, Robert. The homosexual in society (pp. 209-211)
(Blanqui). Mr. Moscowitz comes to St. Perkingrad (pp. 211-212)
Kerr, Wilfred H.. Negroism: strange fruit of segregation (pp. 212-217)
Zolotow, Maurice. Popular Culture. On highbrow writing (pp. 217-218)
Macdonald, Dwight. Popular Culture. On lowbrow thinking (pp. 219-220)
Lerner, Abba P.. Books. Labor and management in the Soviet Union (pp. 220-221)
The intelligence office (pp. 221-223)
Acland, Richard. The intelligence office. Commonwealth - London to Michigan writes (p. 222)
Serge, Victor. The intelligence office. "The end of Europe" (pp. 222-223)
Marquart, Frank. The intelligence office. Labor action at the shop level (pp. 223-224)
Contributors (p. 224)