The One Big Union Monthly (October 1919)

The October 1919 issue of The One Big Union Monthly, a publication of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on September 14, 2014

-With drops of blood: the history of the Industrial Workers of the World has been written
-Civilization by Jack Gaveel
-A voice from the Idaho prisons by Charles Anderson
-A voice from the stockade by Fred Mann, Card No. 251734
-The case of Louise Olivereau by Anne Gallagher
-Communism in Hungary
-The necessity of raising dues in the IWW
-Paterson textile workers in new quarters
-The high cost of living
-The Socialist and Communist conventions by Charles Mundell
-The passing of the Socialist Party by Donald M. Crocker
-The meditation of a wage slave by Henry Van Dorn
-The "patriotic" terrorists caught with the goods by John Sandgren
-Educating the immigrant or the public balks at "patriotism" by XXX
-Why the doom of predatory civilization cannot be averted by Quasimodo Von Belvedore
-The orthdox Wobbly and the borer from within by Jacob Margolis
-Our program in the steel district by Harold Lord Varney
-Industrial evolution in Mexico
-A break for liberty by J.M. Kerr
-It cannot by Covington Ami
-Industrial democracy by Covington Ami
-Three-cornered definitions by Robin of Podunk
-The bourgeois by Ray Markhom
-I Hear by Covington Ami
-Thus always? by Convington Ami
-To all the imprisoned Industrial Workers of the World by Matilda Robbins
-Song of the profiteers by Seldom Good
-The story of the IWW by Harold Lord Varney
-The objects of the IWW by Justus Ebert
-Lumber workers taking control of their industry by D.S. Dietz of IWIU No. 500
-Job talks by D.S. Dietz
-Some observations by Delegate E 369
-Conditions in the restuarant industry by Charles Mundell
-The curse of piece work by Frederick A. Blossom
-Asia throttled by Surrendra Karr
-Our minimum demands by Frederick A. Blossom
-Ox and man
-I, the kept press by Covington Ami
-What's in the basket
-The General Executive Board Meets
-New IWW papers
-Industrial union reports

Taken from CDs of JPG scans created by San Francisco General Membership Branch of the IWW
CDs provided courtesy of Nate Hawthorne/Twin Cities IWW Archives


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