Politics (May 1945)

Cover (p. 129)
Germany, 1945 The two horrors (pp. 130-131)
Germany, 1945 Letter from Sergeant (pp. 131-132)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair.) Germany, 1945 European newsreel: AMG in Wasteland (pp. 132-134)
Comment (pp. 134-136)
Schuyler, George S .. FDR (p. 137)
Silone, Ignazio. Nihilism (pp. 138-139)
Bell, Daniel. politics The lag of the Commonwealth (pp. 139-143)
Marquart, Frank. Reports on an MCF conference (pp. 143-144)
Bloom, Solomon F .. The last king (p. 145)
Abel, Lionel. Stalin's advocate (pp. 146-148)
Tucci, Nicholas. Commonnonsense (pp. 148-149)
Macdonald, Dwight. Free and equal. Jim Crow in uniform: current notes (pp. 150-151)
Greece (4) (pp. 151-152)
Greece (4). A British soldier writes from Greece (pages. 153-154)
Reimann, Guenter. "The Responsibility of Peoples", with a reply by Dwight Macdonald (pp. 154-156)
Gratsos, C .. Modern Texts. The memorandum Gratsos (pp. 156-159)
The intelligence office (pp. 159-160)
Coser, Lewis (Louis Clair). The intelligence office. French literary politics (pp. 159-160)
Serge, Victor. The intelligence office. Correction (p. 160)
(Pfc). The intelligence office. Generation Lost # 2 (pg. 160)
Contributors (p. 160)

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