Active abstention isn't the answer either

The penultimate part in a series looking at and debunking specific 'tactical voting' strategies and election narratives from an anti-electoral perspective.

I’ve dealt with holding your nose to vote Labour, third parties as an alternative, and the ideas that if only we reformed the voting system or tackled voter apathy then elections would mean something. But what about not voting? Do I seriously advocate that as a solution?

Well, no. I don’t.

Anarchists don’t advocate not voting, we rather don’t advocate voting. See the difference? We also don’t advocate line dancing, this doesn’t mean that actively not line dancing is a solution to anything.

If you want to vote, go ahead.

My objections aren’t to the act of voting. They’re to:

But aren’t there some who think that not voting can be some kind of weapon or tactic?

Possibly. I don’t think it’s a great many people, but I have heard the arguments before. If we actively en masse spoil our ballot papers, then we show the politicians that it’s not apathy. They have to count the spoiled ballots, so they know that we’re there.

Yeah, and then what?

A few points:

So what, then? If voting is pointless and not voting is equally pointless, what’s the answer?

Well, I’ve alluded to it in every single one of these posts, but I’ll go into more depth in the final part of this series. [Spoiler: it involves organising and direct action.]