The Forerunners of Anarchism - Emile Armand

A translation of the French Individual Anarchist Emile Armand's Les précurseurs de l’anarchisme, a philosophical history of Anarchist thought from Antiquity to the Industrial Revolution.

A year of destruction and creation. Kharkiv anarcho-collective calls for solidarity!

Ukrainian anarchist newsletter needs international support

Ukrainian anarchist newsletter needs international support in the 18-days campaign on GlobalGiving

Anarkismo: Ano Siya at Ano Hindi Siya

Ang akdang ito ay isinulat ni Joseph A. Labadie at muling nilimbag sa dandelion, vol 3, bl. 12, Tag-lamig 1979 sa isang “polyetong orihinal na inilathala ng Liberty Club of Detroit.” Inisalin ni Malaginoo.


"War and Peace" Scene of 1812 Patriotic war, by Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy, Public

From Wikipedia: "Non-Activity" is an 1893 article by Leo Tolstoy and also the term used to describe Tolstoy's form of anarchist and pacifist thought. This thinking of Tolsoty's was influenced by wuwei (無為, "inaction"), a Taoist concept of finding victory by withdrawing from action. Sometimes Tolstoy's "non-activity" is translated as "under-activity" and others have called it "non-violent non-cooperation." Online text from

The Inevitable Revolution

The Inevitable Revolution (Неизбежный переворот) is an essay written by Leo Tolstoy on July 5, 1909 about abolishing the law of violence and replacing it with the law of love. It is generally considered a text on civil disobedience, pacifism, and anarchism, and it is Tolstoy's last non-fiction work detailing his final opinions on political, economic, and religious issues. Online text from

Spain 1936: the end of anarchism? Reader responses and Subversion reply

Letters from JC and NH (member of Anarchist Communist Federation) on an article in a previous issue of Subversion entitled "The end of anarchism". Plus Subversion reply.

Strength in Smallness

An Anarchist response to “A Heritage of Smallness” by Nick Joaquin by Carolus Plebejus. You can read the original article here.

Entrevista a Xuân Rayne: Vietnamita, anarquista, trabajadora sexual

Xuân Rayne, una anarquista vietnamita y trabajadora sexual no binaria

Entrevistamos a Xuân Rayne, una anarquista vietnamita y trabajadora sexual no binaria afincada en Estados Unidos, para que nos explique la intersección de sus identidades, los caminos de la solidaridad internacional entre los trabajadores del sexo y cómo los trabajadores en general pueden estar con los trabajadores del sexo.
Xuân utiliza cualquier/todos los pronombres.
A translation of our interview with Xuân Rayne into Spanish. Translated by Grupo Anarquista Aurora.

An Anarchist View from Havana: Isbel Diaz Torres

A 2018 interview with Cuban anarchist Izbel Diaz Torres, a participant in ABRA and Taller Libertario Alfredo López. This interview was first broadcast by the Final Straw Radio Show, and is available as a printable PDF.

Did Communism Make Us Human? On the anthropology of David Graeber – by Chris Knight

David Graeber

A critique of David Graeber’s understanding of communism.