Vanguard (Vol. 4, No. 9, July 1939)

The July 1939 issue of Vanguard, an anarchist journal published out of New York, with articles by Sam Dolgoff, Bengt Hedin and Dashar.


-Editorial notes: WPA - political pawn; Socialism must be free by S.W. (a.k.a. Sam Dolgoff)

-Apostates of revolution by David Lawrence

-Anarchist revisionism by Bengt Hedin

-Lessons of Spain by Dashar

-A letter from a seaman

-Bakunin in English

-New Masses ethics

-Mr. Lewis tosses a boomerang

-For services rendered

-Book review: Science in the light of Marxist philosophy: the Marxist philosophy and the sciences by J.B.S. Haldane, review by Dr. Herman Frank

-An answer to Kropotkin

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