Resistance Vol. 7, No. 2 (July-August 1948)

The Vol. 7, No. 2 (July-August 1948) of Resistance, an anarchist publication produced out of New York.

Contents include:

-Registration for war

-Vanzetti: an unpublished letter

-Spain: the strength that is in the people by David Thoreau Wieck

-A typical incident: 1917 (Excerpt from The Unknown Revolution by Voline)

-A field of broken stones (Excerpt from unpublished manuscript A field of broken stones by Lowell Naeve)

-The paintings of children by Jackson MacLow


-To our readers

-Financial statement

-The anarchist bookshelf (Literature list)

This issue digitized for by the Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme (CIRA) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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