Industrial Worker (July 19, 1930)

The July 19, 1930 (Vol. XII, No. 29, Whole No. 709) issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Submitted by Juan Conatz on September 19, 2016

Contents include:

-Lewis loses out in Illinois

-John McDonald, Mooney witness shows up in Baltimore, Maryland

-Moclips strike still on

-Move to bar Russian lumber from U.S. as convict made

-Editorial: The six hour day

-Baxter's Buckshots


-"Red" issue in injected into Russian church row

-Stalin will not be Russian Premier

-Service for nothing

-110 raises wage from $.,50 to $4 in Sutton, Nebraska

-A pamphlet with a potent punch

-An analysis of graft

-Salt Lake still stealing labor under vag law

-Thompson gets comrades' goat in Vancouver

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