Industrial Pioneer (July 1923)

The July 1923 (Vol. 1, No. 3) issue of the Industrial Pioneer, an early publication of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Contents include:

-The great agricultural workers' drive

-How to strike by Vern Smith

-A Ford slave speaks up

-Eighty-five days in irons

-The international situation by Henry Van Dorn

-Poem: "O, say, can you see?" by Brent Dow Allinson

-El Proceso Wilckens by Leone Esmond

-The significance of the modern city by George Williams

-Revolutionary history and the workers by Pasquale Russo

-Poem: Caliban in the coal mines by Louis Untermeyer

-Tightline Johnson goes to heaven by William Akers

-Savage survivals in higher peoples by J. Howard Moore

-Poem: A cry from the ghetto by Morris Rosenfeld

-Poem: The people by Tommaso Campanella


-The question box

-Rational living versus Abrams by Benzion Liber, M.D.

-Organization news and views

-Poem: Cry of the people by John G. Neilhardt

-With our readers and contributors

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