Industrial Pioneer (August 1923)

The August 1923 (Vol. 1, No. 4) issue of the Industrial Pioneer, an early publication of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Contents include:

-Henry Ford for President

-San Pedro General Strike

-110's best drive ever

-The modern Prometheus

-Harding's "Lettre Du Cachet" by Leone Esmond

-Super-power capitalism

-Judge Gary exposed

-The worm turns by Archie Sinclair

-Significance of modern city by George Williams

-Brockton Shoe Workers' Revolt

-How to strike by Vern Smith

-Labor turns to banking by Alois Sennefelder Jr.

-Tintinabulated Jazz band by Wm. Akers

-Interviews with hoboes by Jim Seymour

-Civil liberties in Los Angeles by Upton Sinclair

-Tony the immigrant by Pasquale Russo

-A visit to Liberty Hill

-Wages, prosperity, depression by Philipp Taft

-Industrialist vs statist

-Talking American

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