Industrial Pioneer (September 1923)

The September 1923 (Vol. 1, No. 5) issue of the Industrial Pioneer, an early publication of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Contents include:

-Steel Workers' awakening by Fred W. Bowerman

-I.W.W. steel drive

-When workwomen organize

-Internationalism at Detroit

-Ford wades in gold by S. Almazov

-Where wealth accumulates by Robert Grayson

-Ballad of the fifty-five by Henry George Weise

-Hell: a review by Ralph Chaplin

-Magnus Johnson

-Review: Parlor Provocateur by J.D.C.

-Whither Russia? by Neil Gordon

-The general strike by John Griffiths

-The passing of a great union by Harry Fisher

-Frank Lindroos

-The white terror in Italy by M. De Ciampis

-Health note

-Building the I.W.W.

-Facts for arguments

-The co-operative fallacy

-Modern science by Wm. T. Brown

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