Anarchy #08 1972

Eighth issue of Anarchy magazines second series, articles in this issue mostly cover North America.

"The material for this issue was gathered by Friends of Malatesta, Box 72, Bidwell Station, Buffalo, N.Y. L4222, USA."

Submitted by Reddebrek on August 14, 2018


  • Selections from the Constitution of No Authority - Lysander Spooner
  • Selections from the Anti-mass
  • Northarnerican Anarchism: problems and tasks - Steve Halbrook
  • A New Declaration of Independence - Emma Goldman (from Mother Earth, vol. IV, 1909/10)
  • Sitting Bull in Canada
  • Thoreau on Economy, Slavery and Alienation - Bob Dickens
  • About Malatesta - David Wieck
  • Review: Giovanni Baldelli's Social Anarchism - Bob Dickens