Anarchy #07 1972

Seventh issue from Anarchy magazines second series. Most articles concern workers councils and workers self management.

Submitted by Reddebrek on August 14, 2018


  • Workers' Councils: translators' introductions
  • Preliminary Notes on Councils and Organisation - Rene Riesel (from Internatonale Situationiste #12)
  • Some Advice Concerning Generalised Self-Management - Raoul Vaneigem (from Internatonale Situationiste #12)
  • A Novel of the General Strike: - Lyman Tower Sargent on Syndicalism and the Co-operative Commonwealth: How We Shall Bring About the Revolution by Emile Pataud and Emile Pouget.
  • Review of Cesar M Lorenzo's Les Anarchistes Espagnol et le Pouvoir - Tom Levene
  • Review of Max Stirner's The Ego and His Own - S. E. Parker
  • Community Relations in Newham - Jerry Westall
  • Shotblaster - Jim Burns
  • The Trial of Politics or the Politics of the Trial (Angry Brigade) - Nick and Bart
  • Editorial Statement