Anarchy #10 1972

Tenth issue of the second series of Anarchy Magazine.

Submitted by Reddebrek on August 14, 2018


  • Craigavon New City - Roger Willis
  • Editorial Comment: Freedom, A Vote of No Confidence
  • Trials and Tribulations (Angry Brigade)
  • A Revisionists Attack Against Anarchism and its Movement - Marcus Graham (reply to Steve Halbrook article in previous issue)
  • Letter - Mary Godwin
  • Aspects of Anarchy: Albert Libertad - S. E. Parker
  • Free 'free' (transport) - Arthur Moyse
  • Review: Stoke Newingon 8 Defence Group's Armed Resistance in West Germany - jl
  • Review: Mathew A Crenson's The Unpolitics of Air Pollution - Josefina Mena
  • Review: Victor Peters' Nestor Makhno: The Life of an Anarchist - George Woodcock