Anarchy #37 1983/4

Penultimate issue of Anarchy (second series) from the mid 1980s.

Submitted by Fozzie on April 6, 2020


  • Smiley's People: The SAS Men Return - Morris Riley investigates the British-led mercenary operation in North Yemen 1963-1967.
  • Just Another Weapon - Ronan Bennett on supergrass informers in Northern Ireland.
  • The 'Drabbit' Effect and Social Control - Trevor M Artingstoll on state strategies in a crisis.
  • Augustin Souchy interviewed - reprint of Der Spiegel article on veteran German anarchist.
  • World Anti-Communist League - Henrick Kruger
  • Review: Tariq Ali and Phil Evan's Trotsky For Beginners & Rius & Friends Marx For Beginners - Richard Warren
  • Review: Direct Action Movement's Anarcho-Syndicalism: History And Action - Jack McArdle
  • Review: Burnett Bolloten's La Revolucion Espanola - Frank Mintz
  • Review: Nigel West's MI5 British Security Operations 1909-1945 - Barry Duncan
  • Review: Alan King-Hamilton's And Nothing But The Truth: An Autobiography - Ronan Bennett
  • Sniper column
  • Letters
  • Freephone - discussion of a leaflet showing a circuit diagram enabling free telephone calls



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Submitted by Fozzie on April 6, 2020

My rudimentary nerd skills have been unable to get the PDF down to anything less than 77MB, hence it being split into 3 here.

I can send people the big scan (87MB) of the complete doc if people message me.