Resistance: Why The Struggle Has Already Started – A Sore Throat Somewhere in Hackney

An insurrectionary call to arms from the early 1980s. Article from Xtra! issue 6.

From Beneath The Keyboard - a collection of stories

An anthology of anarchist and squatting fiction and poetry of variable quality. Published by Hooligan Press in 1987.

Autognome newsletter

Partial online archive of Autognome, a London anarchist/squatters freesheet. At least six issues were published in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Autognome was a provocative rag, the halfblood child of some of the rowdy London end of the free festival-oriented Free Information Network, with refugees from Brixton squatters mag Crowbar, based around publishing dates of upcoming radical events, news of demos and campaigns, and potshots at the left, the right and pretty much everyone…

- Past Tense

Black Flag 152 (24-3-1986)

An issue of Black Flag from March 1986. Contents include: Sellafield, Murdoch/Wapping printworkers strike, Home news, One Feed Supplements strike in Liverpool, A syndicalist response to the new technology, MENSA and its links to right wing think tanks & the Conservative party, Chilean Anarchists, news from Denmark, destabilisation in the south Pacific, London Anarchist Festival, reviews, letters.

Scan via 56a Infoshop / Mayday Rooms.

Black Flag 151 (10-3-1986)

An issue of Black Flag from March 1986. Contents include: TNT Has To Be Smashed (scab transport firm, Wapping pickets, death squads linked to Spanish police, Haiti, Argentina car workers strike, results of readers' survey, anarchist theatre, letters, poetry.

Scans via 56a Infoshop / Mayday Rooms

Black Flag 149 (11-2-1986)

An issue of Black Flag from February 1986. Contents include: Manchester printworkers fight back against Murdoch, anarchist computer link up proposal, police harass march against Public Order Bill, GLC invests in apartheid, UK and international news, Who shot the Pope and why?, usual criticism of Freedom, anarchist prisoner Chantal Paternostre in Belgium, reviews, letters.

Scan via 56a Infoshop and Mayday Rooms.

Black Flag 128 (Mar 1985)

An issue of Black Flag published 18th March 1985. Topics covered include: riot after police attack miners' protest in London, miners strike prisoners, Channel 4 MI5 documentary, 5 year squat in Nottingham evicted, miners strike news roundup, Argentine anarchists, Anarchist Black Cross news, publications, news etc.

Scanned by the comrades at Sparrows Nest Archive, Nottingham.

Black Flag vol 07 #123 (1984)

An issue of Black Flag magazine from 10th December 1984. Including: Miners' Strike, UK and international news, Birminghm Stop The City organisers harassed by cops, student protests against cuts aggravate London cops, Ulster Freedom Fighters and the SAS, The Murrays and legal support, Black Flag vs Freedom again, leaked document - Civil Disorder Holding Centres Exposed: an 11 acre site adjacent to the River Thames.

In Place of a Concluding Chapter - Martin Griffin

The poetic conclusion to Squatting In West Berlin published by Hooligan Press.

The State's Revenge – Arnim Stauth

September 1981: Lummer enters a cleared house on Bülowstrasse

Article on the revenge prosecution of squatters by the West German state in the 1980s.

Originally published in Die Tageszeitung (4 January 1985).