Ronan Bennett

Interview: Ronan Bennett - Black Flag

Interview with author Ronan Bennett, which touches on his time in prison in Northern Ireland and on remand in London (as one of the "Persons Unknown" suspects).

From Black Flag #213 - 1998.

Xtra! #3 1980

Xtra 3 cover

Issue 3 of Xtra! from 1980.

A compressed version of the scan made available by the comrades at Sparrows Nest, Nottingham.

Anarchy #37 1983/4

Penultimate issue of Anarchy (second series) from the mid 1980s.

Top Boy, series 2, by Ronan Bennett, Channel 4

Rather than glamourising, demonising or stereotyping ghetto criminals, this carefully crafted ensemble drama projects anti-social labelling back onto those with power and wealth

Top Boy, by Ronan Bennett, Channel 4

Yet another teenage gang tall story glimpses beyond the moral panics and tired miserabilism of most poverty porn.