Anarchy: The Great Brain Robbery 1971

Special un-numbered issue of Anarchy magazine on education.

Submitted by Fozzie on October 24, 2020


Anarchy Editors are offering this special issue of 'The Great Brain Robbery' as a substitute for the issue which did not appear earlier in the year. So our subscribers will please note that they will only receive Anarchy (New Series) 1-11 for this years subscription plus this special 'surrogate' issue.


  • Process and Praxis
  • Peters and Kant
  • Models of Education
  • The State, Society and the Individual
  • Integration Through Diversity
  • The Definition of the Situation
  • The Cognitive Wedge
  • Authority and the respect for persons in the context school
  • A note on intelligence
  • Law and Order
  • Education and Social Control
  • What is so special about Educational Ethics?
  • Peter's anti-evolutionary view of human nature
  • Authority splits wants from needs
  • A note on self-regulation and circularity
  • PART TWO: The need for utopian thinking
  • PART THREE: Left progressives in the schooling business - The Rank and File Group - Fraternal Criticism