Picket's Prayer (July 1984)

Submitted by R Totale on May 1, 2020


Dear Lord, who watches over me
When I am down the mine,
Watch over me this morning
When I’m on the picket line.

Let me not act in anger,
And although I may know fear
I will be calm and in control
If you will just be near.

I will not hate policemen,
Though I hate the things they do
I’ll not be aggravated
By those men in navy blue.

And when I see the convoy
Driven speeding through the gate
Help me hide my feelings
Of revulsion and of hate.

Preserve my sense of humour
When derided and abused
Let me not be degraded when
Like animals we’re used.

Give me the strength to act
As my convictions bid me do
And let my every action
So be influenced by you.

I’m only asking for the right
To work, for me and mine
So, Lord, be close beside me
When I’m on the picket line.

July 1984

This was written during a period when I was thinking "GOD help us, does nobody understand why we are doing this?"