Destiny - Scrapheap (June 1984)


They’ve offered me early retirement —
Well ‘offered’s’ not really the word —
They’ve ‘ad a re-think, an’ they’re closin’ us down,
Well, leastways, that’s what we’ve ‘eard.

Last week, there were rumours of takeover bids
But no-one could make ‘ead or tail
Although they’ve got some more YTS kids
So ‘ow can we be up for sale?

Sometime in the summer, we were doin’ grand
Accordin’ to t' ouse magazine
So why are th’ sellin’? ah can’t understand —
Unless there’s a buyer that’s keen.

But if it IS true what they’re sayin’ —
The ones with their ears ter th’ ground
They’re transferrin’ t' assets to — maybe Taiwan —
It’s something to do with the pound.

Ah’ve worked for this compny since ah was a lad
Ah’ve done ivvery job in the shop
An’ just when ah thought ah were due for a rise
It looks like ah’m gerrin’ the chop.

Well, ah don’t really fancy the prospect,
Redundant at my time of life,
I’ve fifteen more years of ‘ard work left in me.
Ah wonder ‘ow ah can tell t' wife?

There’ll be me redundancy payment —
Should add up ter quite a few bob —
But what do ah do fer the rest of me life?
Ah’d rather be keeping me job.

June 1984