To whom it may concern (Apr 1985)

Submitted by R Totale on May 1, 2020


An innocent young working-lad
Sat brooding in his cell
The reason for his sorry state
He really couldn’t tell

He knew he was condemned to die
He had but one small hope
And that was in the short supply
Of suitable new rope

The days and weeks turned into months
Of his incarceration
When loneliness and boredom
Spawned this crazy inspiration

If rope was what they needed
And he’d nothing else to do
Perhaps he ought to help them out
And earn a bob or two

For after all it seemed to him
It really was a shame
He had the time, they had the need
Their interests were the same

And so, he spent the next few weeks
In lucrative employ
Co-operating happily
A rich, short-sighted boy

Then came the day, the rope complete
They told him, to his sorrow
He wouldn’t live to spend the cash

April 1985

This bit of sarcasm was inspired by the lifting of the overtime ban.