Lest we forget (Aug 1985)

Submitted by R Totale on May 2, 2020


When you’ve finished your shift, and you go to the pub,
where you’re planning to ‘sink’ a few jars

Just remember the pickets, who stood at your side, but,
who then finished up behind bars.

When you’re ‘telling the tale’, and you get to the part
where you’re giving the copper a clout

Just remember the lads, who did just what you did, who now
start off their day ‘slopping out’

You stood shoulder to shoulder, and sang "here we go",
you were brother to men you’d just met

And, some paid with their livelihoods, some with their
lives, in a struggle that’s not over yet.

When you’re checking your wage slip, and moaning about
all the stoppages you’ve got again

Think of how you’d be feeling, if you were to join all
the sacked and the victimized men

It was such a long battle, that those who survived, want
to get ‘back to normal’ once more

But, never forget, there are those, just like you
who are prisoners, of the class war.

August 1985

As in all conflicts, some suffered more than others, it's a poor army that forgets its wounded.