Do Or Die #7 1998

Seventh issue of Do Or Die.

Submitted by Fozzie on May 10, 2021


The Iditorial

These Islands

  • Direct Action Six Years Down the Road: From the past to the future of the anti-roads movement.
  • Lights, Cameras... Activism!: The stormy relationship between direct action and video media.
  • In Tusks We Trust: From Sussex to Scotland, wild boars are doing it for themselves!
  • No Escape from Patriarchy: Male dominance on direct action camps.
  • No-One Ever is to Blame: On environmentalists' need to scapegoat government and industry.
  • Pressmennan: Defending the ancient oakwoods of Scotland.
  • No Opencast! A brief history, plus reports and thoughts on the recent action in Derbyshire.
  • Animal Antics: Road-wreckin' rabbits and pissed-off primates say "Take that, humans!"
  • Personality Politics: Revolt is contained by overexposure... direct action as spectacle?
  • Treehouses of the World: We should never have come down from the trees!
  • Farmaggedon! Industrial Agriculture - why it has to go and what could follow its demise.
  • Carry on Camping: A round up of UK direct action camps from the last year.
  • The Oil Industry: Thrills, spills and then kills - Followed by...
  • Putting a Spanner in the Oil Industry's Works: Hints on how to fuck up the oil mega-machine.
  • World Wide Fraud: WWF pandering to the will of industry - and responsible for genocide.
  • Quarry Fighting in the South West

Other Islands...

  • Viva Sasé: Tierra y Libertad: Reports from the squatted village in Spain.
  • Occupy, Resist, Produce: Brasil's landless peasants' movement - an inside view from a roving EF!er.
  • Green Fort versus Mean Port: Resistance to harbour development in Holland.
  • Tíocfáidh Ár La: Pixies Reclaim Ireland - direct action re-greening the 'Emerald Isle'.
  • Hot Dam! Victory for the people opposing the Maheshwar dam in India.
  • Behind the Balaclavas: First hand impressions of the Zapatista communities.
  • Direct Action Down Under: Reports from eco-direct actions and campaigns in Australia.
  • Thanksgiving is for Turkeys: Amerikkka Celebrates Genocide - and Native Americans continue to resist.
    Global Round-up: News from Sri Lanka, France, the Phillipines and Thailand.

Paranoia... noia... noia... BOO!

  • In the Dungeons of Fortress Europe
  • Thought Police imprison Green Anarchists in UK.
  • Europol
  • Radikal: The repression of Radikal magazine in Germany.
  • Italian anarchists framed.
  • CS Gas: How to combat the effects

Odds and Sods...

  • Prisoners of War: UK and overseas prisoners listings and contacts for International Prisoner Support Organisations.
  • Book Reviews: Gathering Force, published by the Big Issue, Anarchy After Leftism, by Bob Black, Concrete Jungle, edited by Mark Dion and Alexis Rockman
  • Recommended Reading: Monkeywrenching the media monoculture with small reviews and contact details for over 65 weird and wonderful publications.
  • Lettuce to the Cabbage: 'Go on punk, make my day'... letters from our long-suffering readers.
  • Ways into the ecological resistance networks: two pages of UK and international contacts.


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