The Raven #25: Religion

Cartoon "Moses getting a back view" illustrating a passage from Exodus in which Moses sees "the back parts" of God.

1994 issue of anarchist journal The Raven, published by Freedom Press. Articles on Religion.

Submitted by Fozzie on July 8, 2022


  • Editorial
  • Anarchism and religion - Nicolas Walter
  • Should we mock religion? - Tony Gibson
  • Anarchist entry for a Theological Dictionary - Colin Ward
  • Only the atheist can understand religion - Peter Lumsden
  • Through religion to anarchism - George Walford
  • Twelve Proofs of the non-existence of God - Sebastian Faure
  • Matriliny and the Mother Goddess Religion - Brian Morris
  • Boo - Arthur Moyse
  • Church, State and Freedom - Michael Duane
  • Comments on Raven 24

Cover illustration from a French book by Leo Taxil, as reprinted in The Freethinker, December 1882.


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