The Raven #26: Science 2

Covers shows the names of contributors slightly distorted within a circle, as if they were under a microscope lens?

A 1994 issue of anarchist journal The Raven published by Freedom Press, with articles on science, evolution vs creationism and the ethics of animal experimentation.

Submitted by Fozzie on July 17, 2022


  • Contributors
  • Editorial
  • What they say about science
  • Science: knowledge or method - Lynn Olson
  • Evolution and ideology - Michael Bartholomew
  • An approach to Creation Science - Donald Rooum
  • Anarchist science policy - Brian Martin
  • Technology transfer - The Ecologist editorial team
  • The ethical dilemmas awaiting science students - Alan Cottey
  • Why animal research? - Barbara Davies
  • Clarification - Steven Rose
  • The dark face of science - Gill Baker
  • Sociology of science and the anarchist tradition - Sal Restivo


TheRaven26.pdf (5.69 MB)