The Raven #27: Religion 2 - Fundamentalism

Cover shows a cartoon of an enraged Islamic cleric wielding a dagger and shouting "Author! Author!" in a speech bubble

A 1994 issue of the anarchist journal The Raven published by Freedom Press. Articles on religious fundamentalism.

Submitted by Fozzie on July 23, 2022


  • Editorial
  • The Future of Fundamentalism - George Walford
  • Fundamentalism - Colin Ward
  • Fundamentals of Fundamentalism - Nicolas Walter
  • Empowerment or Intimidation: Islamic Threats to Freedom - Barbara Smoker
  • I - The Roman Catholic Church: The Lamb, the Fox and the Tiger in one Unholy Trinity - Harold Barclay
  • II - Protestant Tradition, Moral Majority and Freedom - Harold Barclay
  • Explorations of Fundamentalism - Bob Potter
  • Hindu Fundamentalism: India's New Scourge - John Shotton
  • Women Against Fundamentalism - Silvia Edwards
  • Satanic Child Abust 1990-1991: the reports - Donald Rooum


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