Angry Workers of the World - AWW #2 - On struggles in the health sector - Out now!

Angry Workers of the World - AWW #2 - On struggles in the health sector - Out now!

AWW #2 on struggles in the health sector...

Dear sisters and brothers,

AWW #2 is out now - below you can find a list of content ad the full PDF...

Stay tuned

1. Health (Work) and the current crisis
2. History of the health system as part of the history of capitalist
3. Re-structuring of the NHS
4. Some suggestions for collective steps at work and beyond

5. Conversation with cleaning worker at Royal London hospital
6. Conversation with midwife at a London hospital
7. Report by health NGO office worker
8. Report by NHS temp worker
9. Report from nurse in Germany: what has changed since the 1980s?
10. Conversation with student nurse and their struggle in Ireland
11. Report from hospital cleaner and workers struggle in Italy
12. Interview with doctor in self-organised clinic in Greece
13. Report by friend from Poland about struggle against hospital
14. Report about working-conditions in 'health tourism sector' in India

15. Summer Revolts: Some thoughts on the revolts in Turkey and Brazil

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Aug 21 2013 11:37

if anyone wants to help us with distribution of AWW#2 any help gratefully received! or if you want a few paper copies to pass on to co-workers, just get in touch...thanks!

Aug 22 2013 14:21

Not perhaps in line with your strategic London approach but given the unions emphasis on the NHS at the sponsored national anti-Tory conference demo and rally in Manchester on Sunday the 29th September extra copies of this or an updated/adapted version might be worth giving out there? Other groups up here might give that some consideration?

Sep 5 2013 12:01

thanks spikymike, it'd be great to distribute some copies in manchester, if by any chance anyone is coming to london and could pick up some copies to distribute at the demo, that would be great. email us at If we don't get any takers, we could possibly do a day trip and drop off some copies so let us know if you/anyone else based in manchester want some...or we could post?

Sep 11 2013 22:24

A lot of the content here looks really good, but FYI the format it's in makes it quite hard to read, online at least.

Posting up articles individually, while it would take some time, would massively increase the number of readers. A bit easier than that, though, would be posting up a PDF version with single pages, rather than spread across two pages: it would also make it easier for people to print on standard home or workplace printers