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The nervousness of politics

A brief look at Plan C/ the Institute for Precarious Consciousness's recent theses on anxiety. The claim that anxiety is the hegemonic affect of late capitalism is explored a little. If you don't have time to read this, go and read the theses anyway.

Go and read Plan C's We are all very anxious.

This post could have just said that.

But once I start writing I have problems stopping.

I'm an anxious man. Even when I write.


A screenshot from the dance film "Korper" by choreographer Sasha Waltz.

Part of the series on the society of stimulation, this post introduces the idea of rhythms as theoretical machines and political tools of capital and workers.

In his inaugeral lecture at the Collège de France, published as How to live together, Roland Barthes goes into great detail on the subject of rhythms in order to answer the question of community.

The NHS pay freeze and the end of Agenda for Change

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This article looks at these changes and the ways in which successive years of 0% or 1% pay rises in the NHS have undermined the national Agenda for Change pay structure, paving the way for localised and potentially privatised pay agreements.

The recent announcement by the government of a pay freeze pay for NHS workers in England and Wales earning below the top of their pay band was the latest attempt to ‘get tough’ on public sector workers.

Police arrest Alexandria workers as strikes continue nationwide

Striking postal workers arrested as more than 50,000 employees of the state-owned postal services have been on strike across the country since Sunday, and have begun to be joined by other groups of workers.

Despite official attempts to bring an end to a wave of labor unrest that contributed to the downfall of Hazem al-Beblawi's government, a broad range of Egypt's labor workforce embarked on nationwide strikes on Tuesday.

Speed & politics: an amphetamine political economy

Building on the society of stimulation, this long-read post is a theoretical examination of pharmacology as material practice and as metaphor. Today capital operates via the production of hyperaroused bodies but in doing so it also creates the conditions under which the nervous system itself becomes a site of the refusal of work. [TW: eating disorder, suicide, drug dependency].

To determine what amount of what drugs- MDMA, LSD, any benzodiazapines, amphetamine, opiate- he should ingest, on what days, to minimize anxiety and boredom for himself and others, he'd edited the seven-page itinerary from his publisher to fit on one page and, in an idle process he'd enjoyed, the past few weeks, studied each event in context, writing notes on the paper.

The society of stimulation

An introduction to the idea of a society of stimulation that produces hyperaroused bodies which, unable to take the strain, become anxious and depressed bodies.

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Subjectivity as kinesthetic

A speculative theory of subjectivity that begins from the assumption that there is no inside, specifically no "depth interiority". Originally written for but it is reposted here as it is obvious that any psy-politics is required to speak about subjectivity. This post is more theoretical in nature & assumes some familiarity with the continental philosophy tradition.

Provisional Theses on the hypothesis that subjectivity is kinesthetic

Sick to myself

An account by Scott Nappalos about calling in sick.

1 a.m… 3:50... 3:55... 4 a.m. I rise from bed bleary-eyed. Standing makes me cough. “Great a new symptom,” I think to myself. Walking to the bathroom, the day before me goes through my head. Pacing down the halls, lifting patients, comforting families, dealing with managers; the flood of images makes me weary.

Lessons from a social service worker’s strike

This piece was written in 2004-2005 in the wake of a strike at a behavioral health facility. Through the immediate eyes of those experiences it grapples with a number of forces in working life we find ourselves up against today.

[i]This piece was written in 2004-2005 in the wake of a strike at a behavioral health facility. Through the immediate eyes of those experiences it grapples with a number of forces in working life we find ourselves up against today.

Compass Medirest workers strike at Ealing hospital

Outsourced porters, cleaners and canteen staff at Ealing hospital are on 48 hour strike for higher wages.

We had a short visit at the Compass Medirest workers picket at Ealing Hospital. It's their second 48 hour strike, they plan further action in early March. They are 150 workers (GMB members), most of them working as porters, cleaners, housekeeping and in the canteen.