Boat Race protestor to be deported

Trenton Oldfield

So called 'boat race' protestor Trenton Oldfield has recieved notice that he is to be deported and is now appealing.

Photo by Richard Nicholson from Domus Magazine.

As you may have seen if you read the news Trenton Oldfield is to be deported after having served his prison sentence for disrupting the Oxbridge boat race. Whatever one thinks personally of Trenton's methods, his actions, his statements etc. he not only served a clearly poltiically motivated prison sentence but now has to deal with even more serious fallout. In a way this seems to show up better than anything one of the points Trenton was originally trying to make about the UK, essentially do not mess with a self imposed elite, whilst highlighting the importance of the boat race as signifier of class power in the UK and showing what could happen to you if you outwardly and willingly show political dissent.

Obviously Trenton wants to stay in London with his partner and their soon to be born child. They have asked people to help in several ways.

In June 1913, suffragette Emily Davison stepped infront of the King's horse at the Epsom Derby and was trampled to death in an incident that was captured on film and broadcast around the world.

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Jacques Roux
Jun 26 2013 16:00


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