Anti-CPE Movement: Marseille, 4th April 2006

Photos of the April 4th 2006 demonstration against the CPE in Paris. Photos from http://www.flickr.com/photos/cudmore/.

Anti-CPE Movement: Rennes, 4th April 2006

Photos from the day of action at Rennes, 4th April. Taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/vanou/

Le mouvement français prend une ampleur internationale

Alors que les mouvements de protestation contre le CPE se poursuivent en France, des étudiants et des jeunes travailleurs du monde entier ont commencé à faire preuve de leur soutien aux manifestants français et à organiser eux-mêmes des actions semblables.

From the suburbs riots to the student movement - Henri Simon

November 2005 banlieue riots

An article by Henri Simon analysing the connection between the Banlieue riots of Autumn 2005 and the present movement against the CPE.

Anti-CPE Movement: Nice, 31st March 2006

Photos from http://nice.indymedia.org/
Quelques photos du regroupement anti-CPE au conseil municipal de la mairie de Nice le 31 mars 2006

National co-ordination in Lille calls for unlimited general strike

The National Coordination sets out a strategy for a week of actions against the CPE.

What the French press are saying about the protests

A review of the French press on the CPE prepared for libcom.org by our Marseille correspondent.

Anti-CPE Movement: Blockade of the French Consulate in Greece


Intervention and blockade of the French consulate in Thessaloniki in solidarity to the French rebellion and against the antisocial CPE law. Photos from: http://www.resistance2003.gr/en/gallery/photo.php?id=676

Calls for Europe-wide demonstrations on 4 April

The European Confederation of Unions have called on all their national confederation and unions to show solidarity with the anti-CPE struggle.

Account of a General Assembly in Redon

An account of the decisions made by the students at the occupied university in Redon.