Latin Lib News podcast now online!

Latin Lib News podcast now online!

A new podcast discussing events in Latin America from a Libertarian Communist perspective. This first episode looks at the rise and legacy of Hugo Chávez. He may have died but his project – misleadingly named ‘revolutionary socialism for the 21st century’ – continues unabated in Venezuela.

What, therefore, is the legacy of Chávez? How can genuine revolutionaries cut through the polarised red herrings about the true nature of the Venezuelan regime? And what can we expect of Nicolas Maduro, Chávez’ successor?

@LatinLibNews discusses these questions – and others – with Matt Wilde (@mattwwilde), a PhD candidate who did his fieldwork on a consejo comunal (Communal Council) in chavista country, Venezuela.

Featuring a mix of discussion and Venezuelan music, this is the first of a series of podcasts made by the newswire, which is dedicated to English language coverage of events of interest for libertarian communists and fellow travellers in the Latin American region.

Music playlist on the podcast:

Tambor urbano (traditional) – Le ole ole
Alí Primera – Los que mueren por la vida
Desorden Público – Allá cayó
Pneuma Copla – Dime tú

Click here to listen (or right click > save as to download).

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