Manchester Class Struggle Forum #2 - Class struggle and trade unions

Manchester Class Struggle Forum #2 - Class struggle and trade unions

The second Manchester Class Struggle Forum will host a discussion on trade unions, trade unionism and class struggle.

After the collapse of the global financial bubble, the working class is being made to pay. In Britain workers have started to fight back, in the form of a series of strikes and workplace occupations. There are stories in the media warning of a return to 'union power', but what does this mean and is it a good thing for the working class?

The meeting takes place from 7pm on Thursday 1st April at Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS. Email to express your interest or ask for more info.

Each meeting comes with a number of recommended texts which we think shed light on the subject of discussion, highlighting points of interest and debate. While reading the texts is not essential, they provide a useful primer to the issues covered.

An overview of class struggle and trade unions - Work, Community, Politics, War

An excellent overview of capitalism and class conflict, in comic book form. - Abolish Restaurants

The restaurant industry is used to show the day-to-day working of the capitalist system, and the stress, boredom and alienation it entails. Of particular interest is the "Unions" section.

Recent Struggles

Good overviews of significant workers' struggles from 2009:

Ford-Visteon Enfield Workers Occupation - Alan Woodward

2009: The Strike at Lindsey Refinery: a Struggle Entangled in Nationalism

On Trade Unions and class struggle

Good old-fashioned trade unionism - Wildcat

Winning the class war - An anarcho-syndicalist strategy

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