Thatcher’s funeral plans are finalised

Thatcher’s funeral plans are finalised

Margaret Thatcher's funeral plans have been finalised. The old cow will get a state funeral, which will cost the economy £20 billion, as we will all get yet another bank holiday.

I must admit that I had a tinge of excitement when I saw one of the headlines in the daily papers. It read, ‘plans for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral have been finalised’. For a moment I thought that the old cow had snuffed it. Alas, I was wrong.

It actually referred to funeral plans that have been nearly five years in the making. She is going to have a state funeral. An honour that only a small handful of non-royals have ever had. Winston Churchill being the last.

Before she can officially have a state funeral, it needs to be voted on in Parliament, but I am sure that is just a formality. The old cow has asked that her body not be put on display. Apparently she does not want the same public outpouring of grief that accompanied Winston Churchill’s funeral. Don’t make me fucking laugh Maggie. I am no fan of Churchill, and could write endless stories of what a bastard he was, but I suspect that the general public have very different views about Churchill than they do Thatcher. Rest assured Maggie, there will be no outpourings of grief from many people in the part of the country where I am from.

As it will be state funeral we will be given yet another extra bank holiday, meaning that the economy is another £20 billion down on that day. That would not be so bad if it wasn’t for those public sector workers who are bankrupting us with their selfish strikes.

I am not going to bang on about Thatcher’s legacy, and why she should not have state funeral (not that I agree with state funerals anyway, or the state). I will briefly sum up the reasons. Margaret Thatcher is a horrible old cunt, with a disgraceful record of attacking the working class in this country. She does not deserve the accolade, and it is a scandal that a few out of touch hooray’s and chinless Eton boys, have pushed for the witch to be given a state send off. If the people could decide I suspect the decision would be very different.

Apparently, a major concern is that there are not enough troops to line the funeral procession, due to people being in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t worry about that. The only people turning up will be Daily Mail readers, and people who want to get at her. I cannot imagine scenes like the ones at Princess Diana’s funeral, where thousands of people where throwing flowers onto the funeral car.

My blood boiled when I read Harry Mount’s blog in the Telegraph. He wrote, “There will of course be wicked cheers and laughter from her opponents when she does die. I imagine some self-promoting fools will literally try to jump up and down on her grave. Just like last week's BBC programme, any nasty behaviour will just go to show how enduring and influential her unequalled political legacy still is.” What a fucking bell end.

Since when does influential necessarily equal being good? Hitler was influential, so was Stalin. Thatcher was, is, undoubtedly influential, but the influence she has fucking horrible.

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working class s...
Dec 14 2011 14:25


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Chilli Sauce
Dec 14 2011 17:18

While I agree with the sentiment, I'd be careful how it comes across. Who gives a shit about any "cost to the economy"--the entire economy is rigged against us as workers, full stop. I'll take the bank holiday and get pissed as a mofo to celebrate her demise.

Dec 14 2011 18:05

He qualified that by saying the same criticism was laid at the public sector strikes, I'm sure he couldn't give a shit either way about the 'economy' wink

working class s...
Dec 14 2011 18:48

Yeah, I perhaps should be clearer sometimes. I meant it in the context of the cost of the strikes, and they hypocrisy.

Dec 14 2011 20:13

hey, i can't find anywhere saying there'll be a bank holiday nor a link between state funerals and bank holidays... any more info appreciated. if true that would basically be the only good thing about this!

working class s...
Dec 14 2011 20:42

Hi, there was no specific mention of a bank holiday in recent news stories. However, I have read previousley (cannot find the story) that state funerals automatically mean a public holiday. I have found brief reference to that at the bottom of this link (read the conversation transcript at the bottom)

Dec 14 2011 23:20

thanks, looks promising.

Serge Forward
Dec 15 2011 08:27

If we do get the day off, that'll be ace. We can organise street parties!!!

Dec 15 2011 14:07

cheap at £20 bil, it sounds a lot and you are against it but being lib dems i know you will change your mind you always do, shall we start with uni fees

Dec 15 2011 14:12
scouser wrote:
cheap at £20 bil, it sounds a lot and you are against it but being lib dems i know you will change your mind you always do, shall we start with uni fees

who are you talking to?

Serge Forward
Dec 15 2011 15:03
scouser wrote:
but being lib dems

Put that bleedin crack pipe away!

Dec 15 2011 16:04

Sounds like a good party,I will look forward to it laugh out loud

Neville Wright
Dec 16 2011 01:13

Why wait for her death, lets Party now !

Dec 16 2011 20:55

" I am no fan of Churchill, and could right endless stories of what a bastard he was "

I think you mean "write"

working class s...
Dec 16 2011 20:57

my middle name is typo

S. Artesian
Dec 16 2011 22:51

Take the Keynesian approach-- the economy needs a boost, govt funded stimulus, right now. I say don't wait for her to die, make it part of the recovery policy and have her executed.

Dec 17 2011 02:04
hironimusbosch wrote:
" I am no fan of Churchill, and could right endless stories of what a bastard he was "

I think you mean "write"

Fuck. is it me, or did anyone feel class struggle reached a new level of antagonism after that comment?

Dec 19 2011 22:09

Not a 'state funeral', but a 'stake funeral'. Drive a stake through the heart of the deceased vampire. Academic institutions which awarded a degree to the vampire should reconsider these awards. The comparision with Mirjana Milosevic is striking. Replace Kosovans by coalminers and you get the message.

Dec 19 2011 22:15

You presume the gruesome dog has a heart.