Student protests against cuts and fees photo gallery, November 24 2010

Photographs from the student protests against the tripling of university tuition fees and the ending of Education Maintenance Allowance funding for poor college students in the UK, November 24 2010.

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Mike Harman
Nov 24 2010 13:01


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Nov 24 2010 16:12

Couple of good signs from here .

Mike Harman
Nov 24 2010 17:26

Automatic search/tagging services are quicker than one man on libcom:

Nov 25 2010 11:13

Bump. New pics added..

If anyone else has any pics from the day then please add them.. it'd be great to have a proper spread of pictures from yesterday (at the moment it's very London and Brighton heavy, with Bristol and a few northern ones)..

Nov 25 2010 11:17

I don't see any edit option?

Nov 25 2010 11:20

Hmm, strange.. I'll ask one of the other admins..

Mike Harman
Nov 25 2010 14:00

Should be fixed now.

Nov 25 2010 15:26

Yep, cheers.

Mike Harman
Nov 25 2010 15:33

Oh nice, I actually looked a the gallery again after doing this - that's a lot more photos!