8 questions on Turkey

A short-ish interview with an Istanbul-based militant who has been active in the now nearly year old protest movement against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and his AKP government.

Anyone who's followed the situation in Turkey knew that although last summer’s demonstrations had died down by August, all it would take was a small spark to bring the masses back onto the streets.

Protests in Turkey following the death of teenager wounded during Occupy protests

Huge protests have erupted across Turkey, as Berkin Elvan, a 14-year-old boy wounded by police during the Occupy Gezi protests last year, has died. Clashes with police have occurred across the country and many workers are due to strike tomorrow in protest. One libcom poster reports from the streets.

Leo wrote:

Berkin Elvan, a boy who was shot by the police in the head with tear gas when he was 14 years old, died today, 269 days later, at the age of 15. Berkin had left his house to buy bread when he was shot by the police.

Ukrainians, Russians and Europeans against Putin's war

Ukrainians, Russians and Europeans were on the streets today protesting against the Putin regime’s attack on Ukraine.

The anti-war demonstrations today are the only shaft of light I can see in a dark sky overshadowed by the danger of war, with 6000 Russian troops reportedly on Ukrainian territory in Crimea, some of them surrounding Ukrainian bases.


Madrid sex workers call for an end to criminalisation

Around 150 sex workers demonstrated this afternoon (Saturday 15th Feb 2014) between Puerto del Sol and Gran Vía in Madrid, protesting against the criminalisation of prostitution and against the city government's Civil Space Ordnance and the Interior Ministry's proposed Law of Civil Safety.

Under the slogan, "No to persecution, bargaining space now!" the prostitutes marched back to c. Montera with no reported incidents. The meet had been called by Colectivo Hetaira and also called for "a space to work in peace, without disturbing and without being disturbed" in the city, according to Karolina Hernández, Hetaira speaker and sex worker.

Protests in Bosnia

Protests and demonstrations broke out in Tuzla on Wednesday night and have spread to the towns of Zenica, Mostar, Bihac and Sarayevo. In the northern industrial city of Tuzla, thousands of workers have been made redundant with many of them losing their pensions and health benefits.

Reuters reports that many workers have taken to the streets and have been joined by students. Government buildings and the police have been attacked and confrontations continue. Unemployment is officially 27.5% in Bosnia (officially) and the ruling cliques here are widely seen as gangsters.

Granarolo protesters march through Bologna [photos]

Bologna saw 1,000 people marching on February 1st, to bring the claims of Granarolo workers to the attention of local and national authorities.

There were logistics workers not only from Granarolo’s own warehouse but also from other warehouses across Northern Italy, where strikes and protests have been taking place almost every day for months.

Swedish nazi attack on anti-racist rally fails

Sweden, December 15, 30 or so nazis from the Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR) attempted to disrupt a rally against racism comprised of local Karrtorp residents and anti-fascist organisations.

After recent SMR activities in and around the area of Karrtorp, a suburb of Stockholm, local residents, Line 17 Network, and various other organizations held a rally against racism. Reports claim anywhere from 200 to 500 people in attendance. Sometime during the rally thirty or so SMR members showed up and were prepared for street combat.

Forconi: the new pitchfork protest

The new “pitchfork” protest – nationwide this time – was announced weeks ago but it still seems to have taken the whole country by surprise. It began on 9 December and is still going on today, the organizers declaring that they won’t stop until the Letta government collapses.

Even though it’s highly unlikely that the government would collapse as a result of a protest like this, and even if the numbers of participants are low, there are many features that look a bit unusual and that are being discussed both in the mainstream media and in left-wing and radical circles.

Where does the protest come from?

Greece remembers the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos

police kettle outside the University

A day of demonstrations and clashes with the police marked the five anniversary of the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos and the December Revolt.

Thousands of people took part in demonstrations to remember the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos on 6th December 2008. The murder sparked the December revolt and the fifth anniversary brought people to the streets across Greece once more.

Clashes in Rome over high speed rail link

Hundreds of protesters opposed to the construction of a high speed rail link have clashed with police during a visit to Rome by the French President, Francios Hollande.

Protesters fought running battles with police as they tried to reach the French embassy where a meeting between Hollande and the Italian Prime Minster was due to take place. Opponents say that the $35 billion rail project between France & Italy will take over a decade to complete, will cause massive environmental damage, and will not serve any purpose.