A people's history of England

England countryside, illustration by Clifford Harper

This classic 1938 work by AL Morton lays out the main outlines and most important turning points of British history - from the point of view of the ordinary people - in a clear and jargon-free style.

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England-part-2.pdf7.73 MB


Sep 14 2017 11:54

Hi, I would like to read this, is it possible to be available as MOBI?

Sep 14 2017 12:29

I'd just download the pdf and use this (or some similar) site (pdf to mobi converter).

Sep 14 2017 12:45

Got it but not read it yet-purchased from old bookshop in Camden Lock

Sep 14 2017 13:27

Thank you, I did not know these types of sites existed

Sep 14 2017 14:47

Khawaga, if you've converted it to mobi (or epub) do you think you could upload it here?