African anarchism - Sam Mbah and I. E. Igariwey

African anarchism - Sam Mbah and I. E. Igariwey

This book covers a wide range of topics, including anarchistic elements in traditional African societies, African communalism, Africa's economic and political development, the lingering social, political and economic effects of colonialism, the development of "African socialism" and its failure, and a possible means of resolving Africa's ongoing crises.

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Nov 1 2010 01:10


The Workers Solidarity Alliance (WSA) was very, very active on behalf of the Awareness League. Most of the campaigns on their behalf we initiated by us.

Some good links about campaigns and interviews can be found:

Mar 12 2012 00:01

A comrade travelling to Nigeria has met with one of the authors. we are waiting for a full report.

Mar 19 2012 15:56

An interview with Sam Mbah will be circulating in a few months time. The Awareness League disbanded some time ago. They slowly began to lose
membership as the military ceeded power to civilian rule. As some of us
surmised, a lot of the AL work was aimed and directed at the repressive
military regime, with folks joining their rolls based on this work.

Some of the AL participants are still active in civil and social movement stuff.
Mainly campaiging against corruption and some other stuff.

While disappointing that the AL was not able to sustain itself as a libertarian socialist and anarcho-syndicalist organization (and a one time affiliate of the I.W.A.),
I am glad an effort was made to track down and speak with some of their former members.

One can only hope that in the years ahead, our perspectives will find some stability and long term growth on the African continent.

La lutta continua....the struggle continues!

Apr 29 2012 11:12

Would be really interested to read that when it comes out.

Incidentally, Zabalaza Books has a section on African Anarchism, including links to a lot of articles, pamphlets, historical pieces, etc. One - African Socialism - is by the same authors as this piece.

Jun 12 2013 08:03

The 2012 interview with Sam Mbah can be found on his new blog:

Sam discusses african anarchism, the Awareness League, the capitalist crisis and the fuel-tax uprising, unions in Nigeria and more.

The interview is available as a series of short articles and as one long transcript. It is also available in audio form. There are also two separate short videos, recorded with Sam at the same time.

Feb 2 2014 20:51

I would really like to put this author in touch with the wobs in Uganda

Feb 2 2014 21:00


Feb 2 2014 22:57

i am not sure I understand your comment, syndicalist

Feb 3 2014 11:09

have asked the question already in another thread but probably someone here knows more: I remember from old Amnesty reports (either late 70ies or early 80ies) that the Kerekou regime violently cracked down on independent trade unions in Benin (up to 1975 Dahomey), according to the AI reports, they were labelled anarcho-syndicalist or syndicalist. Does anyone know more about this, was this label only a slur by a regime which verbally subscribed to ML ideologies or were there real syndicalist tendencies?

Feb 3 2014 22:53
libera wrote:
i am not sure I understand your comment, syndicalist

I withdrew my cyncial and snarky comment.