Complex systems theory & anarchism

Analysing human societies as complex systems can provide an insight into historical processes and the strengths and weaknesses of capitalism.

Practical Anarchist Organising - the Workers Solidarity Movement as a case study

This article describes and explains the internal organizational structure of the Irish anarchist group, the Workers Solidarity Movement, (WSM) as it was in 2008.

Anarchism, Ireland and the WSM

Kevin Doyle responds to James O'Brien and Andrew Flood on the Workers Solidarity Movement.

1867-73: Bakunin, Elekto de tekstoj

Kolekto de tekstoj de Bakunin

Mèo Mun, Anarchist Views from Vietnam

A red and black anarchist flag with a purple cat with a yellow star.

The Final Straw Radio talks to Mèo Mun, an anarchist collective working to make anarchist materials and ideas more accessible to a Vietnamese audience, together with providing an analysis of social struggles from a Vietnamese anarchist lens.

Retrieved from The Final Straw Radio.

Also available as a printable zine.

The time has come? Anarchists of Ukraine, tariff wars and expropriation of robbers

Action of our comrades in Kiev on the increase of fare in city transport.

Action of our comrades in Kiev on the increase of fare in city transport. 19th November, 2021

For several months now, Ukraine has been engulfed in social unrest, which periodically subside before flaring up again.

Notes on Freedom and the Freedom Press 1886-1986 - Heiner Becker

Percy Meachan in Freedom's machine room, 127 Ossulton Street (1927)

A detailed history of the early years of Britain's anarchist newspaper Freedom. Originally published in The Raven, 1987.

Revolutions, Republics and IWMA in the Spanish Empire - Jeanne Moisand

Giuseppe Fanelli and the Spanish internationalist núcleo which was to form the M

The Spanish republican 'Cantonalist Revolution' of 1873-74: the role of IWMA anarchists, Engel's critique of their activity (and the weaknesses of his own position), their relations to the different republican factions and the wider context of Atlantic worker/seaman revolts within the Spanish Empire.

The Forerunners of Anarchism - Emile Armand

A translation of the French Individual Anarchist Emile Armand's Les précurseurs de l’anarchisme, a philosophical history of Anarchist thought from Antiquity to the Industrial Revolution.