The value of Noam Chomsky

A "personal essay" from 2015 on some of the reasons why Chomsky's fame -- unlike that of most public intellectuals -- is more than justified. Despite his rejection of the label, he is, in many respects, the quintessential Marxist.

The necessity of a moral revolution

Thoughts on the kind of moral universe we have to create in order to save the world.

Bakunin: la anarkiismo kaj la revolucio

Artikolo pri Bakunin verkita de Julián Vadillo publikigita de NKL ( kaj esperantigita de Jesús González

Ĉifonista manifesto de Puigcerdá Batalo por la Historio

Manifesto disdonita en Puigcerdá la 27-an de aprilo 2018, en la 81-a datreveno de la mortigo de Antonio Martín "la durruti de Cerdaña”, okaze de la prezento de la libro: "Naciistoj kontraŭ anarkiistoj en Cerdaña, 1936-1937".

Notes of an Underground Humanist

An idiosyncratic book inspired by the form of Nietzsche but the content of Marx.

Post Scarcity Anarchism - Audiobook

This is a reading of the essay/pamphlet entitled Post-Scarcity Anarchism, not the book by the same name.

In Defense of A/S: Centralism and Decentralism

discussing the Anarcho-syndicalist approach to centralism

The Government of No One: The Theory and Practice of Anarchism by Ruth Kinna [Book review]

Review of Kinna's 2019 book looking at questions of political violence, class, and class-struggle anarchism.

[VIDEO] Breaking the Wheel? An Open Letter to Sam Tarly

A video using the popular TV show Game of Thrones as a launching point to discuss the fact that most people are unreasonably dismissive and close minded towards alternatives to capitalism and the state.They laugh off the very idea of it without giving proper consideration. The video is designed to make sense even to those who've never watched the show.

Mediterranean meeting