Ideas on Social Organisation - James Guillaume

A pamphlet written by James Guillaume in the 1870's attempting to sketch out and explain how society will transition from a class based society to a classless one during a revolution.

এনার্কি বা নিরাজ সমাজের পক্ষে

দুনিয়ার প্রায় জায়গায়ই এনার্কিস্ট একটি ইবলিসি শব্দ- এর অন্য নাম শয়তানী, বিচ্যুতি ও ঝগড়া ফ্যাসাদ। অনেকেই মনে করেন এরা ধনিদেরকে মেরে তাঁদের টাকা পয়সা নিজেদের মধ্যে ভাগাভাগী করে নিবে। সরকার থাকবে না, এরা এক ধরনের সরকার বিহীন বিশৃংখল সমাজ গড়তে চায়। আসলে এনার্কিস্টরা এসবের কোনটিই নয়। এরা সত্যিকার অর্থেই মানুষের ব্যাক্তিগত স্বাধীনতা নিশ্চিত করতে চায়।

Patriotism and Government - Leo Tolstoy

One of Tolstoy many attacks on Patriotism, its role in warfare and prop for governments and states.

Scandal - Joseph Déjacque

A short passage about the value of attacking the accepted morality of class society.

The Humanisphere (excerpts) - Joseph Déjacque

Excerpts from L'humanisphere. Utopie Anarchique, 1857.

Notes on the Freedom Anarchist Newspaper Archive

When Freedom updated its website back in October I took the opportunity to start a side project I've been meaning to do for a while - digitising Freedom's newspaper back catalogue. Herein some notes which are a bit internal-bloggy to put on the news site ...

The woman in present society

A anarcha-feminist call to arms to working class women, published in Italian in Argentina in January 1896.

Divide and conquer or divide and subdivide? How not to refight the First International – Mark Leier

A pamphlet by labour historian Mark Leier (author of Bakunin: The Creative Passion) which looks at the similarities and differences of the two leading figures of the First International, Mikhail Bakunin and Karl Marx. Leier suggests that the differences are often exaggerated by anarchists and Marxists alike, and that revolutionaries today can learn a great deal from both figures' strengths and weaknesses.

Woman's Voice

A copy of La Voz de la Mujer

English translations of the Argentinian anarchist communist feminist publication La Voz de la Mujer (Woman's Voice) from 1896-7.

Lessons of the Spanish Revolution - Vernon Richards

Collectivised transport during the revolution

A critical account and assessment of the Spanish civil war and revolution, particularly focusing on the successes and failures of the anarchist organisations, written by Vernon Richards.