4. Defense of vandalism against common opinion

Victor Serge in Conquered City to some revolutionaries bothered by a looting wrote:
We will break all porcelain in the world in order to transform life. You love things too much and people not enough…You love people as things too much, and people not enough
Algerian citizen to the periodical Libération, 10/x/88, wrote:
is not known what they want; they break everything and don’t even explain why

If there’s something from this riot that should be highlighted it’s its modernity. The remains of old forms of uprising, now insufficient and fully recuperated by the owners of false contestation, are being buried all over the place. The English kids and inhabitants of the Algiers ghettos are frequent users of this kind of actions that are silenced and censored by the Wholly Alliance of Media and so-called leftists. Nonetheless, the recent massive insurrection in Argelia has been spoken of in a misrepresentative manner by the professionals of disinformation in order to avoid incentive, given its exemplary character, of other mutinies in the West (the laughable intentions of attributing to it the repugnancies of Islamic ideology doesn’t even begin to touch what actually happened and only aims to distort the reality of this completely modern uprising). What was achieved in this “third world” and “under-developed” distant country allows the Spectacle to display it with an exotic particularity and thus hide the concrete character of the rage of young Algerians and the lucid consciousness with which they recognized their enemy in the Market itself, and not in mere scarcity. With such it is intended to crush the old saying that only the hungry can have a revolution. But the hunger for revolutions that affects these countries can always be disguised as a “hunger revolution” until it hasn’t been fed by the ideological missionaries, sociologists and economists that work hard to “develop them” through the Market path; which, judging by this slogan from some of the looters in Algiers, isn’t that far: “We have cannibalized the shopping mall”. The only under-development which is necessary to overcome is that of the theory and practice of subversion, a task that all of these pigs try to prevent with their plans for “development” and “modernization”.

The uprising of the Algerian youth has been identical for the most part – only in a much larger scale – in terms of content and form to the one of the 1st of December mutineers. Since misery is essentialy everywhere, its refusal, which circulates speedily around the world, has shown itself to be visibly identical. Nobody can ignore that all professional ideologues that speak of stages, second and third worlds are just spewing garbage.

When the comical fraction of the militant and journalist riffraff “radically” supported the Algerian movement precisely because they had understood it in a radically false manner they could appreciate the same right under their noses, just like they didn’t predict anything, they understood nothing. These supposedly contestatory and subversive activists and columnists only felt the terror of the markedly menacing scent that this uncontrolled savagery meant to their own existence. And it is reality and by extension misery that is highlighted by the uncontrollable anger it causes, this revelation has something of sacrilegious for all those that participate in the spectacles trickery of social war; in any case, they are very badly placed in order to understand its real manifestations, they are still in the unreal situation that they wanted. Those that organize the spectacle of negotiation don’t understand of what consists the misery of daily life and the violence that it logically creates; all they have left is to scream in order to exorcize their fear and to call the police to restore order to things and things to order. Who but them to tolerate, foment and perpetuate modernized misery in their own home while at the same time ecstasy to the exotic revolutionary under-development away from their borders?