5. Reflexions and Consequences. The end of a battle is nothing but the beginning of another more decisive battle

Guy Debord, in Society of the Spectacle, wrote:
What hides under the spectacles oppositions is a unity of misery
Cardinal de Rech, in Memoirs, wrote:
I know you despise them because the Court is so well armed, but let me tell you that they are so confident of their power that they feel their importance. They are come to that pass that they do not value your forces, and though the evil is that at present their strength consists only in their imagination, yet a time may come when they may be able to do whatever they now think it in their power to do.

With the convocational democracy of the fictitious fight put on display by the false opposition, the real opposition appeared, revealing its essence (as a consequence, the false distinction between “economical” and “political” struggles was ridiculed, showing that there is only one division: real struggles and spectacle struggles). When the spectacle’s denial and the real one occur in the same space – like in December 1st – all present discover that there is no such thing as “neutrality” (onlookers are nothing but the spectacle’s reserve army) and that it is necessary to fight in one of the fronts. All ambiguity quickly dissipates and the distinction between friends and enemies is as easily established. There is no turning back from there.

The 1st of December riot made all of the fuss from the routine student reivindications to dissolve, thus proving its real nature: false problems for false protests. The Market and its guardians were directly attacked and when faced with this desecration of the sacred essence of the Old World, all of the fake feuds around how to better organize were left behind until order was restored.

All those dedicated to the business of political representation forgot their competitions when offended and embarrassed by the necessarily criminal conduct of those that only represent themselves. And those that let themselves be represented were ridiculed for delegating control of their own misery to others by those that nobody wants to represent. Throwing away the status of representatives and highlighting the uselessness of representatives, they left it quite clear that the only thing that distinguishes “apolitical”, “libertarian” and “Marxist” is the role that hides their unbreakable unity in the defense of modern misery.

In the general anathema and the indiscriminate slander that has hit the mutineers, there is only one truth: effectively, it was a group of truly uncontrollable people. Those that thus intend to ignore those that refuse to obey anyone other than themselves can stop dreaming: they completely missed the target. This is an accusation for which they can be proud and congratulate themselves for each time there’s an occasion that enables them to make it again, rubbing their scandalous truth on the face of the enemy. The unanimous and exclusive hate of the Old World thus professed by the patented guardians should be understood for what it is: through it, the enemy recognizes that the first victory of the uncontrollable has consisted of making them show their true face, and that the strength of their appeal resided in allowing the owners of false contestation to speak, decide and act in their name. It is that which the enemy never forgives.

The line that divides real revolts and its reasons from the sub-contestation ones and their impotent ideological caricatures has remained noticeably drawn. Each has to choose their side; nothing can exist like it did before in this pigsty of a city. From now on every dignified struggle can be judged by the level of the contemplation of the rage it manifested.

The “legalidad grupuscular” has been franchised and the kiosk political-syndicalists have openly shown themselves to be something that they never stopped being: a wheel-less bicycle in which everyone pedals, but never goes anywhere. The discreet nest of crabs that they make has never known anything else than walking backwards and they will soon return to their usual routine. So let nobody believe that because those reptiles’ have been shown for what they are that they will die of embarrassment and/or “self-criticize” in any way. And those that don’t directly participate in the stalls but that share with them such pious hope, let them wait…let them wait for the biggest beating that a pig has ever received. All those radical commentators and Machiavellian apprentices have always been wrong without ever recognizing it, and that is enough to understand what they are.

A period that carries the unification of what was seemingly separated (the defense of the same by the official authorities and the “alternative” ones) has been inaugurated and the separation of that which appeared to be unified (the rage of those sans-réserves and the ideological garbage of a militant brotherhood committed to salvaging their piece of the market).

Those that know to serve themselves don’t need to serve any cause nor resort to the ideologue in service in order to be explained for whom and for what to fight for; they know quite well that it has been only for themselves. While we wanted to take advantage of this magnificent gesture to express with words what the 1st of December mutineers expressed with fire, throwing rocks and looting. We don’t present ourselves before reality saying: “Here’s the truth, on its knees!” as so many ideologues do looking for their glorious disciples. We simply aim to expose concretely the forms and content of the current struggles; by doing so, we certainly don’t hide our intentions, which are the same as of the uncontrollable. The nature and the reach of the existing issues, the answers that are drawn up all over the place, the paths that open up and the obstacles to overcome have to be consciously possessed in order for them to be possessed in reality, that is all. The theory of social war is nothing other than the definition and expression of what is already being done, in order to do it better.

By giving reason to these acts, we have also proposed to give the reasons for other riots to occur against market domination. If there is something that those that side with the Old World fear and shush away when they can, it is the simple real communication about the world, directly transmitted clandestinely from daily life where, without any official statements, the acts and practices of refutation are drawn out. And this is the terrain over which all those that feel the need to declare war to everything that doesn’t belong to them and against everything that prevents them from ruling their own lives will be found.

Unos Caníbales
Zaragoza, December 1988