The spectacles organization of the defense of the existing order has for an axis that no central matter for its survival (with the artificial ignorance that is created on who are its real enemies and its false opposition being one of them) escapes its conversion to the realm of appearances. It has been years since the externalization of the violence engineered by the modern conditions of oppression has become essential to the management of this world; the only thing it asks for is that this externalization presents itself, both in form and content, as effectively exterior to the daily reality of the misery that the modern poor have to recognize and face in every moment of their concrete existence. As long as it distances people from the real battlefield, the Society of the Spectacle can very well promote the violence of this or that armed group, under its own terrain and through its own methods, and it is still strengthening the spectacle of which it is an integral part; in terrorism the violence is exactly as the spectacle is able to understand it, recognize it and employ it to its own gain.

Terrorism has a status as the figure of evil officially recognized by authorities, offered at all times so that people can choose between the unconditional defense of what exists and its false alternative. The kidnappings, the bomb plots, the massacres, etc., are actually a completely false confrontation (by being between people that, despite their differences, essentially defend the same thing), and conform the representation of a pseudo-revolution for people to contemplate in order to stop real revolutions from happening or even being conceived.

In exchange, the proletariat violence exerted against the existing conditions, by being foreign in both form and content from the politics of terrorism and the terrorism of politics, dismisses itself by manifesting itself both against the State and the social relations colonized by the Market and the lies that come with it: it establishes communication and collective enthusiasm, all the while the spectacles essence is the passivity and the lack of communication. Precisely for this reason it needs to be hidden, distorted, misrepresented: since it threatens everything (and not only the fight on this or that realm or person in power) it has no right to existence and needs to be expelled by the spectacle from reality, categorized with the inconsequential terrorist happenings, whose extraterrestrial violence passes for an omnipresent and permanent threat.

It is enough to know that the student rebellion, with its symbolic and ritual confrontations, is a play of false oppositions over false problems in order to deduce that it is much easier to establish connections between this pseudo-rebellion and the spectacles terrorism, which between this last one and nameless violence, no symbols, nor communicates, from the uncontrollable proletariats when manifested.

To its real enemies, the workers sick of being tired, the unemployed sick of being controlled, the young people sick of being bored,etc… power wants to deny even their true condition as such. The ultimate function of the terrorist hoax is to have an official enemy, the only one that is recognized as such, since the true enemy is not recognized by the spectacle, for the simple reason that it is easier to defend oneself against a fake enemy than a real one. Any true or fake enemy of “Democracy” equal each other and, if necessary, will receive the same treatment: never has censorship been so perfect or repression so indiscriminate.