Biographies of Karl Marx - reading guide

Karl Marx, Jenny Marx, Eleanor Marx, Laura Marx and Friedrich Engels

Book length or pamphlet length (10,000 words+) or otherwise notable biographies of the life of Karl Marx in chronological order

Engel's speech (1883) Friedrich Engels

Marx: The Man and His Message (1910) Keir Hardie
(Labour party)

Karl Marx: His Life and Work (1910) John Spargo
(Socialist Party of America)

Karl Marx: A Brief Biographical Sketch (1914) Vladimir Lenin

Karl Marx: The Man and his work and the Constructive Elements of Socialism (1918) Karl Dannenberg
(Socialist Labor Party)

Karl Marx: The Story of His Life (1918) Franz Mehring
(Social Democrat)

Karl Marx: An Essay (1921) Harold Laski
(Labour party)

The Life and Teaching of Karl Marx (1925) M. Beer
(Leninist - German Communist Party)

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1927) David Riazanov

Karl Marx: His Life and Work (1928) Otto Rühle
(Council communist)

Marx: Man and Fighter (1933) Boris Nicolaievsky and Otto Maenchen-Helfen

Karl Marx (1938) C. J. S. Sprigge
(Guardian journalist)

Karl Marx (1939) Karl Korsch
("Western Marxist")

Karl Marx: His Life and Environment (1939) Isaiah Berlin

Reminiscences of Karl Marx (1944) Paul Lafargue and Wilhelm Liebknecht

Karl Marx: An Illustrated History (1960) Werner Blumenberg

Karl Marx (1960) Jean Bruhat
(Leninist - French Communist Party)

Marx (1963) Arnold Kettle
(Leninist - Communist Party of Great Britain)

Karl Marx: His Life and Thought (1973) David McLellan

Marx Without Myth (1975) Maximilien Rubel
(Left communist)

Karl Marx: An Intimate Biography (1976) Saul K. Padover

Marx for Beginners (1976) Rius

Karl Marx: A Biography (1977) P. N. Fedoseyev
(the 'official' CPSU one)
(1977 edition)
(1989 edition)

Marx: Life and Works (1980) Maximilien Rubel
(Left communist)

Marx's Fate: The Shape of a Life (1993) Jerrold Seigel

The Incomplete Marx (1994) Felton Shortall

A Requiem for Karl Marx (1995, Harvard University Press) Frank E. Manuel

Karl Marx (1998, Harvard) Professor Michael E. Rosen

Karl Marx (1999) Francis Wheen

Marx (2009) Vincent Barnett

Karl Marx: An Intellectual Biography (2010) Rolf Hosfield

Love and Capital: Karl and Jenny Marx and the Birth of a Revolution (2011) Mary Gabriel

The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx (2012) Alex Callinicos

Karl Marx (Critical Lives) (2012) Paul Thomas

Karl Marx: A Nineteenth Century Life (2013) Jonathan Sperber

Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion (2016) Gareth Stedman-Jones


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