Bread & Roses - Paper of the Anarchist Communist Association (c1978-1980)


Apr 16 2020 14:56

Cool. Have a few copies of this paper in very poor condition. Hope to see more on line.

R Totale
Apr 16 2020 15:10

The Sparrow's Nest have numbers 4 and 5, as well as what I think is number 2 above, if you have any others and there's any chance you can scan them (as long as you can do so while staying safe, maintaining social distancing etc) that would be great!

R Totale
May 6 2020 11:09

It turns out the "Introduction to the ACA" pamphlet is online at - not sure if it's really worth adding to the archive, there's not much in there.

May 6 2020 15:40

This is really great work, thanks!